A revamp for the IEA monthly statistics reports

15 June 2015

The IEA monthly statistics reports feature a new look, complete with art, easy navigation, charts and tables – but they still deliver all of the in-depth data that subscribers have relied on for decades. 

The revamped monthly oil, natural gas, electricity and oil prices data reports are available for free download in PDF form for reading on mobile devices as well as computers. All of the data in the reports can still be accessed for free in spreadsheet form.

Each updated report now offers charts that provide at-a-glance overviews of trends such as oil product end-use prices or natural gas production, consumption and trade by OECD region. Headline commentary highlights major developments, such as the recent narrowing in the differential between European and North American domestic heating oil prices spotlighted in the Monthly Oil Price Statistics for June. Tables of critical statistics follow: for instance, the latest natural gas and oil reports both offer import and export data, as well as other crucial fuel-specific statistics, all on an annual basis back to 2013 plus figures for the most recent month and year-to-date. The Monthly Electricity Statistics gives detailed figures on the source for power generation as well total electricity supplied, along with contextual notes, for each OECD country as well as by region all OECD members; a highlight of the current report is that while total OECD electricity output fell 0.6% in March 2015 from a year earlier, production from combustible fuels dropped by 1.9%.

The monthly statistics reports, formerly known as surveys, are produced by the IEA Energy Data Centre and are critical to IEA analysis and recommendations for more secure, transparent and efficient energy markets and systems.