New IEA series tailors advice on low-carbon technologies for specific countries and regions

7 March 2014

The IEA offers advice on a multitude of decarbonisation strategies, including globally applicable Technology Roadmaps for specific techniques. Such strategies can help countries diversify their energy mix and thus improve access to energy. But one solution does not always fit all countries or regions, so a new series – How2Guides – gives practical guidance for a specific country or region as it crafts its own decarbonisation plans.

Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven introduced the How2Guide for Wind Energy, the first manual in the new series, on 10 March at the Annual Conference of the European Wind Energy Association in Barcelona, Spain. “Recognising the importance of good implementation, the IEA has started a new series – How2Guides – to address the need for more focused guidance in the development of national roadmaps, or strategies, for specific low-carbon technologies,” she told delegates. “The How2Guide for Wind Energy, released today, is the first in this new series, which complements the IEA’s global wind roadmap.”

How2Guide for Wind Energy offers menus of recommendations on policy, technical and financing options for deployment of utility-scale wind energy installations. These recommendations are based on the results of IEA analysis and workshops held in various countries for policy makers and representatives of the private sector. Case studies in the manual come from countries and regions with tremendous wind energy potential, including Southern Africa and Asia, while concrete examples offer best practices by the United States, China and other countries that already have significant shares of wind energy in their mix. The new publication, Ms. Van der Hoeven said, “provides a comprehensive overview of potential barriers to wind deployment, as well as possible actions for addressing them – taking into account local conditions, drivers and barriers, including public acceptance issues.”

The next titles for the new series, which is being developed under the IEA International Low-Carbon Energy Technology Platform, will be the How2Guide for Bioenergy and then the How2Guide on Smart Grids.

To download the How2Guide for Wind Energy for free, click here