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A detailed look at ways to decarbonise the energy sector
New IEA publication evaluates different options to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions
24 December 2014

United States must grasp opportunity to build sustainable energy system
IEA review credits US energy successes but sees need for significant investment in electricity sector
18 December 2014

Global coal demand to reach 9 billion tonnes per year by 2019
IEA report says despite decarbonisation push, China will not see 'peak coal' during outlook period
15 December 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for December
Weaker outlook for oil-exporting countries to trim 2015 demand growth
12 December 2014

Ethiopian Power Minister accompanies statisticians visiting the IEA for training
Visit is part of extensive capacity-building activities at core of Agency's global engagement
9 December 2014

IEA assists UN climate talks by providing summary of emissions data
CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion – Highlights available for download by delegates and citizens alike
9 December 2014

How the EU can progress towards an "Energy Union"
IEA review praises bloc's low-carbon leadership but notes that deeper market integration is essential to manage costs of clean-energy shift
1 December 2014

Five key actions to achieve a low-carbon energy sector
IEA delivers options for climate negotiations at COP 20 in Lima
20 November 2014

IEA members and 10 partner countries test emergency response systems
Executive Director hails practice exercise to address oil supply disruption scenarios
18 November 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for November
Robust output by OPEC and non-OPEC producers keeps adding to global oil supply
14 November 2014

World Energy Outlook 2014
Renewables are expected to account for nearly half of the global increase in power generation to 2040, and overtake coal as the leading source of electricity
12 November 2014

Signs of stress must not be ignored, IEA warns in its new World Energy Outlook
Energy sector must tackle longer-term pressure points before they reach breaking point
12 November 2014

To get most from transforming LNG markets, Asian governments must embrace reforms
Limited flexibility, pricing issues are main challenges to overcome, new IEA report finds
6 November 2014

IEA review of Morocco’s energy policies highlights country’s progress towards energy transition
Strong initiatives on energy access and renewable energy as well as subsidy reform reflect government determination
31 October 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for October
Reduced economic outlook contributes to cut in global oil demand growth outlook, even as output surges
14 October 2014

Energy sector is key to powering prosperity in sub-Saharan Africa
IEA World Energy Outlook Special Report finds that action in the energy sector could unleash an extra decade of growth
13 October 2014

Global energy efficiency market ‘an invisible powerhouse’ worth at least USD 310 billion per year
IEA report sees energy efficiency finance becoming established market segment in its own right
8 October 2014

34 statisticians start intense week of training in the IEA way to compile energy data
Participants from a record 26 countries were selected from among 200-plus applicants
6 October 2014

ASEAN energy ministers laud IEA involvement in region
Joint Statement issued at meeting in Laos calls for even greater collaboration
2 October 2014

IEA hails historic launch of carbon capture and storage project
Canada’s Boundary Dam is world’s first large-scale power station to trap CO2
1 October 2014

How solar energy could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century
To achieve that vision, IEA reports call for clear, credible consistent signals from policy makers
29 September 2014

Key World Energy Statistics 2014 now available for free
The most downloaded IEA publication, it features essential data on how energy is produced, transformed and consumed
22 September 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for September
Weaker outlook for Europe and China to slow global oil demand growth through next year
11 September 2014

Energy efficiency: a key tool for boosting economic and social development
New IEA report shows the multiple benefits of energy efficiency and calls on governments to invest more resources to harness them
9 September 2014

Chinese power companies adapt quickly to challenges of emissions trading
IEA helps organise project with electricity firms across China to simulate a national system
2 September 2014

Interactive timelines combine policies and energy data
New IEA web tool displays 22 years of key statistics on clean energy actions in more than 100 countries
29 August 2014

Policy uncertainty threatens to slow renewable energy momentum
IEA forecast sees renewable power as a cost-competitive option in an increasing number of cases, but facing growing risks to deployment over the medium term
28 August 2014

How to stimulate investment in clean energy
IEA flagship technology book looks at ways to maximise return and minimise risk
20 August 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for August
Lower economic growth outlook trims 2014 demand increase
12 August 2014

Summer demand taxes Saudi power sector, but kingdom is working on solutions
The hot sun that drives the seasonal surge also provides a renewable remedy
6 August 2014

An IEA blueprint for a lower-carbon India
Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 focuses on how to increase use of renewables and clean up coal-fired power generation
30 July 2014

Sustainable bioenergy for Southeast Asia
National roadmaps and regional co-operation are vital to unleash sector's enormous potential, ASEAN experts say
24 July 2014

Interactive map provides information on global unconventional gas output
Product of IEA Unconventional Gas Forum allows for country-by-country comparisons
22 July 2014

IEA encourages Luxembourg to push for a smart, sustainable energy and transport system
IEA review praises Luxembourg for its strong energy efficiency action and provides recommendations for renewed strategy for 2030
16 July 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for July
Report presents first projections for 2015
11 July 2014

Around $80 billion wasted on power for online devices in 2013
Simple measures can keep problem of inefficient ‘network standby’ from worsening in years ahead, IEA report says
2 July 2014

Beyond energy security: IEA study measures economic benefits of oil stocks
Cumulative gains valued at more than USD 3.5 trillion, mainly from limiting effects of supply disruptions on the world economy
25 June 2014

World Energy Investment Outlook presented in China
19 June 2014

IEA releases review of Russian energy policies
Report sees need for a greater policy shift towards energy efficiency and infrastructure modernisation
18 June 2014

Unconventional oil revolution to spread by 2019
IEA five-year oil market outlook also sees global demand growth losing momentum
17 June 2014

Electricity Security Advisory Panel meeting examines reliability of markets
At inaugural session, experts and policy makers discuss how best to drive investments for a low-carbon economy
16 June 2014

Situation in Iraq
Factsheet and other resources for journalists
13 June 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for June
Accelerating global demand to reach 94 mb/d by end of year; non-cartel output more than offsets lacklustre OPEC production
13 June 2014

'Golden Age' of gas coming to China, IEA says in latest five-year outlook
Near-doubling of Chinese demand for gas by 2019 offsets slowdown in other regions
10 June 2014

World needs $48 trillion in investment to meet its energy needs to 2035
IEA World Energy Outlook special report sees rising role of governments in shaping investment decisions
3 June 2014

Empowering global youth to take action on climate change
IEA Executive Director urges rising generation to inform themselves, shrink carbon footprints and use their growing influence to reduce global emissions
28 May 2014

IEA helps develop 20 energy efficiency policy proposals for Arab-SEMED region
New publication details proven policies tailored to Southern and Eastern Mediterranean contexts
26 May 2014

What’s holding back co-generation and efficient district heating and cooling?
IEA case studies reveal opportunities but also impediments for optimised electricity and thermal systems
21 May 2014

From words to action on energy efficiency
IEA shows policy makers, analysts and statisticians how to define, measure and use the most critical data on the ‘hidden fuel’
19 May 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for May
Higher first-quarter data contribute to small increase in growth demand for full year
15 May 2014

Taking on the challenges of an increasingly electrified world
IEA report says business-as-usual approach must be overhauled to cope with global shift to electricity
12 May 2014

World Economic Forum participants in Nigeria applaud work for upcoming WEO special report on Africa
IEA Chief Economist meets with leading authorities and moderates session on continent's energy outlook
12 May 2014

Estonia officially becomes 29th member of the IEA
Baltic state fulfils all membership requirements, including emergency oil stocks
9 May 2014

When a picture is worth a thousand words
New data visualisation feature offers a weekly snapshot of must-see IEA data and analysis
5 May 2014

IEA encourages the Netherlands to push for decarbonisation and electricity-market integration
IEA review praises Dutch energy market openness and calls for long-term framework towards 2030 to secure energy supplies
22 April 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for April
Reduction in Russian demand trims global forecast marginally
11 April 2014

IEA praises Austria for well-balanced energy policy, but sees areas for further improvement
Report calls for the timely setting of post-2020 targets and more cross-border market integration
9 April 2014

Energy Training Week draws 130-plus participants from nearly 60 countries
Executive Director opens classes to share IEA knowledge and best practice
7 April 2014

Key World Energy Statistics app now available for Android devices
Get on-the-go access to all the headline statistics featured in the most downloaded IEA publication
28 March 2014

At 2nd IEA Unconventional Gas Forum, a focus on the best and safest use of water
Government and other key stakeholders gather in Canada to share best practices
25 March 2014

25 countries represented at seventh IEA Energy Statistics Course
34 participants receive a full week of intensive instruction and practical exercises
20 March 2014

Opportunities and investment for energy storage technologies
IEA report says technologies offer significant potential for energy-sector decarbonisation but struggle in today’s markets
19 March 2014

For World Water Day, IEA shares in-depth analysis of energy sector’s use
Report says energy accounts for 15% of global water usage, and will consume ever more through 2035
17 March 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for March
Global supplies rose in February, led by jump in OPEC crude output
14 March 2014

IEA Facts in Brief: Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Oil & Gas
10 March 2014

New IEA series tailors advice on low-carbon technologies for specific countries and regions
Executive Director introduces How2Guide for Wind Energy; two more titles slated in next year
7 March 2014

When measuring energy poverty, the best and latest data come from the IEA
18% of global population lack access to electricity, despite modest improvements, and 38% lack clean cooking facilities
7 March 2014

Any country can reach high shares of wind, solar power cost-effectively, study shows
Transformation of power systems is necessary to guarantee flexibility over long term, but this will be more difficult in some markets than in others
26 February 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for February
Non-OPEC output slows, but global supply remains larger than in early 2013
13 February 2014

IEA Chief Economist receives Japanese Emperor's Order of the Rising Sun
31 January 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for January
Strong US deliveries lift global oil demand; OECD commercial inventories shrink
21 January 2014

Follow her! IEA Executive Director is now tweeting
@VanderHoeven_M uses social media platform to tout new commentary on coal published on CNN
17 January 2014

Russia's next steps on electricity reform
An IEA report provides advice to support policy makers tackling the remaining challenges in decade-old effort
13 January 2014

Estonia is cleansing oil shale
Country’s environmentally savvy oil shale technologies may trigger a fresh look at the vast global reserves of this otherwise polluting fossil fuel.
2 January 2014

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