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Pushing the envelope: improvements to buildings’ outer layer can slash energy use
New IEA publication details how to capitalise on new technologies
18 December 2013

Global coal demand growth slows slightly, IEA says in latest 5-year outlook
Strong Chinese policies to reduce coal dependency seen curbing growth, but Asian demand remains buoyant
16 December 2013

IEA Executive Director launches WEO special focus on Brazil
Country is at leading edge in low-carbon and oil development
13 December 2013

IEA Chief Economist receives the Order of the Polar Star
13 December 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for December
Non-OPEC supply tops 43 mb/d for first time in decades; global demand to reach 92.4 mb/d in 2014
11 December 2013

The many prices of coal decoded
A special early excerpt from the forthcoming Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2013
10 December 2013

A different kind of gas fills more tanks
Increasing numbers of vehicles run not on gasoline but natural gas
2 December 2013

IEA members share energy policy success stories
New book showcases best practices, with emphasis on electricity and energy efficiency
2 December 2013

How to guarantee secure, efficient electricity supply while decarbonising
New IEA publication presents solutions for a successful transition
26 November 2013

IEA, key emerging economies announce mutual interest to pursue enhanced co-operation
At IEA Ministerial Meeting, all 28 IEA members issue their own strong statement on climate
20 November 2013

IEA ministers open door for Estonia to join
Baltic state set to become Agency’s 29th member
20 November 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for November
Record production elsewhere more than offsets plunge in OPEC output; European refinery runs hit two-decade low
14 November 2013

World Energy Outlook 2013
Technology and high prices are opening up new oil resources, but this does not mean the world is on the verge of an era of oil abundance
12 November 2013

Light tight oil does not diminish the importance of Middle East supply, IEA says in latest World Energy Outlook
Report sees large disparities in regional energy prices affecting industrial competitiveness
12 November 2013

IEA offers detailed country-by-country data on energy-related carbon dioxide emissions
Information illustrates evolution of greenhouse-gas emissions over several decades
7 November 2013

Key World Energy Statistics 2013 app now available
Interactive features allow for quick and easy electronic access and evaluation of the most critical energy data
5 November 2013

IEA Chief Economist to receive Japanese Emperor’s Order of Rising Sun
The Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon to be conferred on Fatih Birol
4 November 2013

Imperial College London awards honorary doctorate to IEA Chief Economist
Fatih Birol honoured for economic analysis and efforts to increase energy access
23 October 2013

Wind power seen generating up to 18% of global power by 2050
New IEA publication details the advances in technology that make increasingly possible a surge from the current 2.6%
21 October 2013

From hidden fuel to world’s first fuel?
Inaugural publication pegs investment in 2011 at USD 300 billion, underscoring growing importance of energy efficiency
16 October 2013

17 countries represented at sixth IEA Energy Statistics Course
30 participants from a record 170 applicants start a week of intensive instruction and practical exercises
14 October 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for October
OPEC output dropped sharply in September, but non-OPEC supply growth is expected to approach a record high in 2014
11 October 2013

Key World Energy Statistics 2013 now available
Free, handy reference tool – the most downloaded IEA publication – offers snapshots of how energy is produced, transformed and consumed
7 October 2013

Southeast Asia’s growing energy demand to be felt well beyond the region
IEA report sees sharp rise in region’s dependence on oil imports; greater efficiency urged
2 October 2013

IEA: IPCC report emphasises need for energy sector transformation
27 September 2013

IEA says further action is needed to diversify and strengthen Estonia energy supply
Review of Estonia energy policies calls for measures to secure long-term energy supply, increased funding for energy efficiency activities and greater regional co-operation
20 September 2013

IEA overhauls its energy data website to boost transparency and user-friendliness
Agency releases more than 20 years of energy data online for the first time and adds interactive features
18 September 2013

How emerging economies are changing the landscape of global energy innovation
As China and Brazil step up their energy innovation efforts and foreign direct investment, they create new avenues for technology co-operation
16 September 2013

China’s top climate negotiator welcomes WEO Special Report on energy and climate
Top Chinese climate negotiator welcomes WEO Special Report on energy and climate
12 September 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for September
Demand growth to pick up speed next year after holding steady for 2013
12 September 2013

Beyond simple savings: The added bonuses of energy efficiency
Associated societal and personal benefits range from avoided infrastructure to higher property values
6 September 2013

IEA-UNDP report shows how to modernise building codes
21 August 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for August
Agency sees higher demand for 2014, but reduced GDP outlook trims growth: Highlights
9 August 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for July
Non-OPEC supply seen growing even faster in 2014 than this year: Highlights
11 July 2013

IEA shows benefits of improved energy efficiency of urban transport systems
As energy consumption for transport in cities is expected to double by 2050, report sees potential savings of up to USD 70 trillion
10 July 2013

A way to use fossil fuels but keep the carbon out of the air
IEA Technology Roadmap for CCS examines the urgent steps for deploying the one large-scale way to lock away emissions
2 July 2013

IEA offers a blueprint for a sustainable buildings sector by 2050
Study presents detailed scenarios and technologies for deep cuts in energy use and emissions
27 June 2013

Kenneth J. Fairfax named next IEA Deputy Executive Director
27 June 2013

Second Forum on Climate Change-Energy Security Nexus
Stakeholders meet in London to discuss bolstering energy sector’s resilience to climate change
26 June 2013

IEA hosts International Energy Workshop 2013
Presentations include detailed look at how World Energy Outlook models oil supply, power generation and demand for industry and transport
26 June 2013

Renewables to surpass gas by 2016 in the global power mix
IEA report sees renewable power increasingly cost-competitive with new fossil-fuel generation, but agency warns against complacency
26 June 2013

IEA sees growth of natural gas in power generation slowing over next 5 years
But 'Golden Age' still in full swing as gas emerges as a significant transportation fuel, new report says
20 June 2013

Roadmap explores technologies that improve chemical industry energy use and reduce emissions intensity
IEA/ICCA/DECHEMA joint report concludes that emerging and breakthrough technologies promise indispensable energy efficiency improvements
17 June 2013

IEA releases June Oil Market Report
Oil demand is increased slightly; non-OPEC supply forecast is lifted slightly while OPEC output rose in April
12 June 2013

Four energy policies can keep the 2°C climate goal alive
IEA report shows how to stop growth in energy-related emissions by 2020 at no net economic cost
10 June 2013

How to ensure energy supplies underground can be tapped in the future
Amid boom in unconventional oil and gas, Resources to Reserves 2013 sees adequate supply but also challenges to viable and sustainable recovery
6 June 2013

IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol receives EURELECTRIC Award
Utility group honors WEO as "authoritative source of forward-looking energy market analysis"
4 June 2013

IEA-led report measures scale of meeting twin challenges of energy poverty and climate change
Global Tracking Framework says the world must do more if it is to ensure that all can benefit from modern, clean energy by 2030
28 May 2013

IEA says further action is needed if Germany’s Energiewende is to maintain a balance between sustainability, affordability and competitiveness
Review of German energy policies calls for cost reductions, investment in networks and closer regional co-operation
24 May 2013

IEA says push for renewables and nuclear power is coherent with Finland’s long-term decarbonisation strategy
Review of Finland energy policies calls for the timely implementation of targets and closer regional co-operation
23 May 2013

IEA Chief Economist awarded by Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister
The awards given in appreciation for the work on the Iraq Energy Outlook in 2012
20 May 2013

Supply shock from North American oil rippling through global markets
IEA’s Medium-Term Oil Market Report sees companies overhauling global investment strategies; meanwhile, surge in non-OECD refining capacity shakes up product market
14 May 2013

IEA releases May Oil Market Report
Sharp price drop for Brent reduces benchmark's spread over WTI to narrowest margin in two-plus years
14 May 2013

A lost decade for European natural gas?
Once-certain growth in demand withered away, but there are reasons to expect a resurgence
6 May 2013

IEA Executive Director joins UN Sustainable Energy for All Initiative’s Advisory Board
New leadership group to help SE4All achieve universal energy access as well as foster renewables and energy efficiency
19 April 2013

A driving need for fuel economy
Readily available technologies can reduce vehicles' fuel consumption by up to 50%
19 April 2013

4°C in Davos
The temperature is rising, and so is complacency: neither is acceptable or inevitable
19 April 2013

WEO workshop in Rio de Janeiro explores the energy outlook for Brazil
Brazilian officials, industry representatives and experts provide input and ideas for special focus in the WEO-2013
17 April 2013

Progress towards clean energy has stalled, IEA says
Renewable technologies and greater efforts by emerging economies are among few bright spots cited in report for Clean Energy Ministerial
17 April 2013

IEA releases April Oil Market Report
Sharpest drop in European demand since 1985 contributes to forecast of a third straight year of weak growth in global consumption
11 April 2013

IEA Energy Training Week highlights partner countries’ key role in the changing global energy map
8 April 2013

In memoriam: Abeeku Brew-Hammond
7 April 2013

Statement from IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven on enhanced IEA co-operation with emerging economies
5 April 2013

White roofs cool the world efficiently
Commentary by energy efficiency pioneer Arthur Rosenfeld in the latest issue of IEA Energy journal
3 April 2013

IEA advises on energy efficiency as Japan redefines national strategy
Deputy Executive Director applauds ambitious goals for renewables and low-energy buildings
27 March 2013

IEA launches Unconventional Gas Forum
More than 100 stakeholders from around globe discuss best practices for addressing environmental and social concerns over unconventional gas development
22 March 2013

IEA releases March Oil Market Report
2013 global demand forecast is cut slightly; non-OPEC output increases year-on-year
13 March 2013

IEA experts advise Japan on smart communities
Government seeks input on best practices in energy planning for towns damaged by 2011 earthquake and tsunami
12 March 2013

WEO workshop looks at what energy sector can do soon to limit climate change
Government, international and business leaders gather at IEA to advise on special report due out in June
12 March 2013

Why statistics matter so much at the IEA
As statisticians from around the world gather at the Agency for training, a look at how data help maintain a stable energy supply
6 March 2013

IEA report sees scope for transformation of Asia-Pacific natural-gas market
Amid region’s growing reliance on imports, Developing a Natural Gas Trading Hub in Asia identifies obstacles and opportunities for establishing a gas market that reflects supply-demand fundamentals
26 February 2013

Blueprint details how Indian cement sector can sharply reduce its CO2 emissions
Approach co-developed by IEA also makes deep cuts in industry’s energy needs
25 February 2013

IEA hosts workshop to re-energise deployment of CHP and efficient DHC
21 February 2013

IEA releases February Oil Market Report
Report slightly lowers estimate of 2013 global oil demand following IMF move
20 February 2013

Megawatts vs "negawatts": when less is more
The best way to meet increases in energy demand might not be to supply more. But while efficiency improves security, hurdles abound
19 February 2013

Electricity in a Climate-Constrained World
New IEA book offers solutions for limiting emissions from power generation, plus key electricity-sector data
12 February 2013

IEA shows how Sweden can build on its impressive low-carbon successes
Review of Swedish energy policies calls for cost-effective emission cuts, energy technology innovation and consumer benefits
5 February 2013

2 IEA reports win Outstanding Low-Carbon Publication Award
Roadmap and Policy Pathway on Improving the Fuel Economy of Road Vehicles honoured at London ceremony
4 February 2013

Key World Energy Statistics in the palm of your hand
IEA releases new iPhone and iPad app with key energy data by country and by energy source
1 February 2013

First IEA regional technology study plots carbon-neutral Nordic energy
To achieve the region's ambitious 2050 goal, Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives details how countries can decarbonise their power sectors and electrify transport
22 January 2013

Oil market tightened in December, IEA monthly report says
Chinese demand increased while Saudi output eased, January Oil Market Report finds
21 January 2013

The impact of Asia on the changing global energy map
As demand shifts eastward, IEA advises countries in region on key reforms
14 January 2013

Powering down to save energy need not be a turn-off
After success of its 1-watt initiative, IEA turns to “smart” appliances’ power consumption in network standby
7 January 2013

CCS is a necessity for a world hooked on fossil fuels
IEA lists 2013 priorities to re-energise deployment of carbon capture and storage
1 January 2013

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