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Energy policies can strengthen economies of Middle East and North Africa
IEA advises on approaches to help the region make the best use of fossil and renewable resources
27 December 2012

Private refineries lead export boom for India
Sharp, and continuing, increase in capacity allows record shipments, December OMR finds
20 December 2012

Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2012 Factsheet
Only shale gas stops coal demand growth
18 December 2012

Coal’s share of global energy mix to continue rising, with coal closing in on oil as world’s top energy source by 2017
Coal’s share of global energy mix to continue rising, with coal closing in on oil as world’s top energy source by 2017
17 December 2012

The greening of open-pit coal mines
Companies are learning to use mining equipment cheaply to repurpose landscapes to benefit local communities
14 December 2012

December OMR detects halt to growth in OECD inventories
Market looks calm on the surface, amid persistent concerns about the economy
12 December 2012

Energy groups share tips on best training practices for better energy statistics
Organisations ranging from APEC to UNSD join the IEA to show how they are progressing towards more harmonisation and co-operation
12 December 2012

Clean-energy workshop fosters co-operation among non-member countries in Asia
IEA conference hosted by China focuses on shared experiences in research and development
11 December 2012

Didier Houssin returns to IEA as Director of Sustainable Energy Policy and Technology
Former IEA Director of Energy Markets and Security’s new duties include policies related to climate change
6 December 2012

Didier Houssin returns to IEA as Director of Sustainable Energy Policy and Technology
Former IEA Director of Energy Markets and Security’s new duties include policies related to climate change
6 December 2012

A blueprint for better efficiency and lower emissions from coal-fired power generation
New IEA report offers policy makers guidance on installing latest technologies in plants
4 December 2012

Statement by International Energy Agency Executive Director on COP 18
3 December 2012

Catching the bus to the future
Bus rapid transit – a mix of efficient service and land-use policies – provides a low-cost, energy-efficient solution to urban transport woes
3 December 2012

Sharpening the response
Member and partner countries work together to explore potential solutions to hypothetical energy supply disruptions in sixth IEA Emergency Response Exercise
29 November 2012

World Energy Outlook 2012 highlights gains and scale of the remaining challenge in combating energy poverty
IEA flagship publication finds overall improvement in recent years, but inadequate funding to achieve universal access
27 November 2012

Tapping technology and efficiency to secure a clean energy future
IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven discusses how Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies will play a vital role in the transition to a secure and sustainable energy future
26 November 2012

IEA applauds Korea’s green growth strategy
Report nonetheless sees scope for more progress in long-term vision for Korea’s electricity and natural gas markets
23 November 2012

Joy ride: IEA test-drives the Parisian electric car-sharing system
Autolib system lets any driver register in minutes to travel the French capital emissions-free, with guaranteed parking
20 November 2012

Nordics and IEA collaborate on paths to a carbon-neutral energy system by 2050
Preview of Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives finds benefits to regional co-operation by clean-energy leaders
20 November 2012

IEA welcomes Australia's efforts to transition to low-carbon economy
Review of Australian energy policies says the resource-rich country will need significant investment to achieve targets as it expands renewable energy and adopts carbon pricing
19 November 2012

November Oil Market Report forecasts slower growth in 4th-quarter global demand
Supply increased in October, IEA short-term outlook finds
13 November 2012

World Energy Outlook 2012
Without a bold change of policy direction, the world will lock itself into an insecure, inefficient and high-carbon energy system
12 November 2012

North America leads shift in global energy balance, IEA says in latest World Energy Outlook
Agency’s flagship publication says need to improve energy efficiency globally remains as great as ever
12 November 2012

IEA initiates dialogue on the energy-security impacts of climate change
8 November 2012

IEA BEEP database is honoured with Energy Efficiency Innovator Award
Sustainable Building Centre tool provides analysis of building energy codes, labelling schemes and incentive programmes for 34 countries
8 November 2012

Chinese refinery capacity expansion suggests global potential
Growth might position China to be larger player in oil products, IEA’s Medium-Term Oil Market Report finds
2 November 2012

Asian Development Bank and IEA hold joint workshops on low-carbon energy
First such co-operation between agencies draws more than 50 government and industry participants from across Asia
31 October 2012

IEA report sets a course for doubling hydroelectricity output by 2050
Technology Roadmap: Hydropower sees scope for preventing up to 3 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually
29 October 2012

IEA report sets a course for doubling hydroelectricity output by 2050
Technology Roadmap: Hydropower sees scope for preventing up to 3 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually
29 October 2012

Auto manufacturers and policy makers discuss next phase of electric vehicle deployment
IEA facilitates public-private discussions on ways to increase adoption of electric cars worldwide
23 October 2012

IEA review of Ukraine’s energy policies highlights country’s potential for an energy revolution
Conventional and unconventional gas reserves with improved energy efficiency could drive transformation
19 October 2012

IEA review of Ukraine’s energy policies highlights country’s potential for an energy revolution
Conventional and unconventional gas reserves with improved energy efficiency could drive transformation
19 October 2012

October OMR sees rising OECD oil stocks
OPEC supply eased slightly in September, and Iranian exports hit a new low
15 October 2012

20 countries represented as fourth IEA Statistics Course opens in Paris
Participants to learn how to use IEA methodologies and practices for developing national energy balances based on international standards
15 October 2012

Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2012 Overview
An oil market caught between crisis and normality
12 October 2012

Global map of oil refining and trade to be redrawn over next 5 years, IEA report says
Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2012 sees spare production capacity returning to more comfortable levels but highlights risks
12 October 2012

IEA Global Energy Policy chief addresses Kazakhstani energy issues
Ulrich Benterbusch highlights efficiency drive and rising oil output
12 October 2012

Iraqi oil poised to become game-changer for world markets, landmark IEA report says
Iraq Energy Outlook says Iraq’s oil and gas resources are critical both for its own prosperity and for global markets, but challenges loom
9 October 2012

IEA-organised workshop explores speeding renewables deployment in Mediterranean
Rome event focuses on “From Mediterranean Plans to Renewable Energy Power Plants”
5 October 2012

IEA, IEF and OPEC host First Joint Symposium on Gas and Coal Market Outlooks
4 October 2012

IEA-Thailand joint workshop focuses on oil security
100-plus participants take key step towards developing national and regional emergency preparedness
2 October 2012

Keisuke Sadamori begins term as IEA Director for Energy Markets and Security
Former Deputy Director General at Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to oversee close IEA monitoring of energy markets
1 October 2012

A need for reform in India
The country's challenges to a well-functioning energy sector
27 September 2012

Collaboration between IEA, UNFCCC will lead to improved data and analysis on climate issues
The two organisations will share expertise in energy and electricity data, clean energy-related policies and measures, and clean energy technology
26 September 2012

Dutch astronaut visits IEA after six months in space
Orbital experiments by André Kuipers have aided energy efficiency on Earth
25 September 2012

Sustainable energy is the focus of an international training event for policy makers from Latin America and the Caribbean
Specially designed courses focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and technologies
24 September 2012

IEA plots path to halving fuel used for road transport in under 40 years
19 September 2012

New edition of Key World Energy Statistics offers a host of critical figures for free
The International Energy Agency’s latest annual publication of energy data – Key World Energy Statistics 2012 – is now available for free.
17 September 2012

OECD refineries ramp up throughputs as product prices rise
Surge increases OECD crude oil use, but virtually all future demand growth is seen coming from the non-OECD region
15 September 2012

IEA Executive Director inaugurates solar power plants in India
13 September 2012

Global third quarter refinery runs up 1.3 mb/d from second quarter on strong OECD margins – Oil Market Report
Exports of Iranian crude inched upwards to an estimated 1.1 mb/d in August
12 September 2012

New IEA report explores China’s growing reliance on natural gas
Experiences and lessons learned from IEA countries who have undergone a similar transition are highlighted
11 September 2012

Legitimate public concerns over fracking must be addressed
“Industry must win public confidence by demonstrating exemplary performance; and governments must ensure that appropriate policies and regulatory regimes are in place” – IEA Executive Director
20 August 2012

Limiting the long-term increase of global temperature to 2° Celsius is still possible
“Action in all sectors is necessary to reach our climate targets” – IEA Executive Director
17 August 2012

US ethanol production plunges to two-year low
Drop in output follows the worst drought in 55 years
13 August 2012

Oil demand expectations for 2012/2013 trimmed by 300-400 thousand barrels per day – Oil Market Report
Consumers appear to have slashed imports of Iranian oil to only around 1 million barrels per day in July
10 August 2012

Global warming may lead to ‘Miami Beach in Boston’ situation unless urgent action is taken
IEA Deputy Executive Director says there is no single magic bullet that will address all of today’s energy challenges
31 July 2012

Environmental advantages of railways are highlighted in new report
Due to improved energy efficiency, rail companies account for less than 1% of the transport sector’s global CO2 emissions
26 July 2012

State of play: New IEA statistics publications highlight latest global and OECD trends across major energy sources
Global coal productions rose 6.6% in 2011, for 12th consecutive annual increase
25 July 2012

IEA presents report on Chile’s capacity to respond to energy supply emergencies
Recommendations range from encouraging more domestic production of oil to strengthening the independence and objectivity of the electricity system operation
18 July 2012

Norway’s oil production in July seen at lowest level in over 20 years
Labour Ministry intervenes at the last minute in a dispute between union workers and employers
12 July 2012

Projections for 2013 are presented for the first time in Oil Market Report
The latest Oil Market Report (OMR) notes June/July price volatility, based on supply-side concerns affecting Iran and Norway, but also ongoing worries over sovereign debt issues in the eurozone.
12 July 2012

IEA organises high-level policy dialogue and energy training with experts from the Caspian region
Energy experts from the public and private sectors in the Caspian region attended a three-day meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, from 3 to 5 July.
11 July 2012

Review of Ireland’s energy policies supports country’s push for a low-carbon economy
11 July 2012

Russian government and industry representatives are briefed on IEA’s work
10 July 2012

IEA assists South Africa in developing solar energy roadmap
The South African government and various stakeholders are currently developing a national solar energy technology roadmap with support from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the German development agency, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.
9 July 2012

Solar energy could meet one-sixth of global demand for heating and cooling in under 40 years
Investing in a broad range of solar heating and cooling technologies could save 800 megatonnes of CO2 emissions per year by 2050, IEA report finds
9 July 2012

IEA sees renewable energy growth accelerating over next 5 years
Agency’s first-ever renewable energy market report forecasts that global renewable power generation will increase by over 40% as deployment opportunities expand
5 July 2012

IEA review of Swiss energy policies highlights challenge of meeting carbon and nuclear phase-out objectives
3 July 2012

Energy security is best achieved through efficiency, diversity and co-operation
In times of economic uncertainty and geopolitical unrest, energy security is even more important that usual, says IEA executive director
29 June 2012

Urban energy policy design
The following article by IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven appears in Sustainable Cities 2012
27 June 2012

IEA Executive Director on bioenergy fact-finding mission in Malaysia
26 June 2012

IEA to share energy expertise and data with Russian forecasting firm and grid operator
Accord should help enhance the exchange of information and raise transparency of Russian electricity markets
22 June 2012

Russia’s monthly oil exports reach highest level in a year
The new Ust Luga terminal is flagged by IEA’s monthly Oil Market Report as a key reason for this increase
20 June 2012

IEA’s Chief Economist awarded Italy’s highest ranking honour
Order of Merit presented in recognition of contribution to the understanding of global energy issues
14 June 2012

Universal access to energy would herald enormous economic and social benefits
Bringing electricity to 1.3 billion people would have not have a real negative impact on energy security or climate change – IEA Executive Director
14 June 2012

Global crude demand should rise sharply in coming months – Oil Market Report
June’s Oil Market Report (OMR) highlights a ‘better-supplied’ rather than an ‘over-supplied’ market.
13 June 2012

New York Times declares IEA’s Golden Rules “required reading”
The IEA report “makes clear that regulators and the industry will have to be much more aggressive in protecting the water and the air from pollutants released by the process”.
11 June 2012

New IEA report shows technology can transform energy system but emphasises need for decisive policy action now
Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 says with right policies, shift to clean energy can more than pay for itself
11 June 2012

Indicators that track changes in energy use and efficiency are focus of IEA workshop
The more than 100 attendees urge policy makers to increase visibility of such measurements
8 June 2012

The International Energy Agency collaborates with the Kurchatov Institute on Bioenergy
Event showcases International Technology Roadmap on Bioenergy for Heat and Power
6 June 2012

IEA conducts Emergency Response Exercise in India
'With this exercise we have strengthened our links with India, and we look forward to continuing to work together closely in the years to come'
5 June 2012

IEA report sees bright future for natural gas over next 5 years
Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2012 predicts doubling of Chinese demand and further U.S. growth
5 June 2012

Key findings from “Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas” are presented in Washington
WEO special report wins praise at event attended by more than 200 participants
4 June 2012

Southeast Asia likely to play increasingly significant role in the world’s energy markets
Primary energy demand in ASEAN countries projected to expand by 90% over the next few decades
31 May 2012

World’s oldest source of consumer energy could play crucial role in meeting future electricity and heat demand
Significant savings in carbon dioxide emissions can also be achieved through bioenergy
30 May 2012

IEA welcomes UK efforts towards a low-carbon future
Review of UK energy policies highlights challenge of revamping nation’s energy infrastructure and boosting energy efficiency
30 May 2012

IEA sets out the “Golden Rules” needed to usher in a Golden Age of Gas
29 May 2012

Europe’s oil bill is set to reach USD500 billion in 2012
Rise in oil prices has been magnified by a fall in the value of the euro against the dollar
24 May 2012

Global carbon-dioxide emissions increase by 1.0 Gt in 2011 to record high
24 May 2012

US proposed rule change may inadvertently boost volatility: monthly IEA report
Such a change will also drive out hedgers and small speculators due to higher trading costs
14 May 2012

IEA’s Executive Director presents freedom medal to Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy
Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani received the medal at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards 2012 ceremony in the Netherlands
14 May 2012

Some of the nervousness which drove oil prices to record highs in March has receded – Oil Market Report
The May Oil Market Report (OMR) this month paints a marginally tighter picture than in the last OMR, with the underlying ‘call on OPEC crude and stock change’ averaging 30.8 million barrels per day (mb/d) in the second half of 2012.
11 May 2012

IEA prepares in-depth outlook for Iraqi energy sector
Study team meets key stakeholders to discuss Iraq’s energy needs and its role in meeting global oil demand
10 May 2012

Cutting-edge electric vehicle programmes worldwide, city by city
IEA-supported 'EV City Casebook' details best practices for urban environments
5 May 2012

Global Fuel Economy Initiative announces objectives for next three years
International Council on Clean Transportation joins the partnership
3 May 2012

IEA launches new website
Improving user experience across all areas is key priority
2 May 2012

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) report shows further progress needed
Report tracking progress presented at 2012 Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in London
26 April 2012

IEA urges governments to seize the opportunity to accelerate clean energy deployment
25 April 2012

IEA urges governments to seize the opportunity to accelerate clean energy deployment
Tracking Clean Energy Progress report released at the third Clean Energy Ministerial in London
25 April 2012

Hints Today About Tomorrow's Gas
Forget about straight-line forecasts for natural gas demand and supply. The patterns can suddenly diverge from the conventional view in the most unexpected way.
20 April 2012

Small oil field closures in North Sea have knock-on effect on global oil price benchmark
Supplies from the four oil streams that comprise Brent likely to drop below 1 million barrels per day in the second and third quarter of 2012
17 April 2012

What is the impact of high oil prices on the global economy? (Part 3 of 3)
Countering the economic threat from high energy prices requires cutting oil (and gas) import dependence – IEA Chief Economist
17 April 2012

How to radically transform industrial energy use
New IEA-IIP report offers step-by-step guide to implementing energy management programmes for industry
16 April 2012

Oil market fundamentals: Despite high prices, OMR sees a turning of the tide
The April OMR detects a turning of the tide for market fundamentals, with an implied 1Q12 global stock build of 1.2 mb/d. Gains in OPEC production to 31.4 mb/d in March have seen global oil supply move ahead of oil demand for the first time since early 2009.
12 April 2012

What is the impact of high oil prices on the global economy? (Part 2 of 3)
China’s spending on oil and gas imports more than doubled between 2009 and 2011 as a result of higher energy prices and increased import volumes – IEA Chief Economist Last week, the IEA released some slides which assess how current crude prices are contributing to economic malaise.
10 April 2012

A busy, productive, challenging time
Article by IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven in IEA Energy.
3 April 2012

Global database of bus transport systems launched
Information and data from over 130 cities worldwide has been collated.
2 April 2012

Back by popular demand: IEA Training Week
More than 100 energy professionals from public and private sector invited to Paris
2 April 2012

What is the impact of high oil prices on the global economy?
Further price rises could plunge the world economy back into recession - IEA Chief Economist.
2 April 2012

IEA Statement
IEA Executive Director issues statement after meeting of experts from member countries
29 March 2012

Increasing the share of gas in India's energy mix will benefit country's energy security
Mobilising investment will be crucial, says IEA Executive Director
23 March 2012

Subsidy cuts show that renewable energy is coming of age
Article by Maria van der Hoeven, IEA Executive Director, in the European Energy Review.
22 March 2012

IEA unveils new initiatives on sustainable energy policies and technologies in the buildings sector
Agency calls for greater efforts to reduce energy demand of buildings, which represent around 40% of primary energy consumption in most IEA countries.
16 March 2012

Tight market fundamentals and risks surrounding Iran underpin 20% rise in crude prices since December, says Oil Market Report
The March Oil Market Report (OMR) highlights tight market fundamentals and risks surrounding Iran underpinning the 20% rise in crude prices since December.
14 March 2012

Recent increases in oil prices are cause for concern, IEA Executive Director tells IEF
Global oil expenditures breached 5% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product last year, just as they did in 2008 and other periods of sharp economic slowdown, IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven has warned on Wednesday, 14 March in a speech to the 13th International Energy Forum in Kuwait.
14 March 2012

Europe looked to Latin America for oil supplies during Libya’s civil war
Crude from Colombia seen as best like-for-like replacement, IEA’s monthly Oil Market Report shows Europe, which imported 85% of Libya’s crude oil exports prior to the country’s civil war, was forced to look for unexpected long-haul oil supplies during and after the conflict, according to a special analysis contained in the International Energy Agency’s monthly Oil Market Report (OMR).
14 March 2012

Now is the time for global deployment of smart communities – IEA Deputy Executive Director
Ambassador Richard Jones highlights successful demonstration projects at meeting in Fukushima City.
13 March 2012

Energy security: looking towards uncertainty
Article by IEA Executive Director, Maria van der Hoeven, in the OECD Observer.
8 March 2012

Ukraine has great potential to increase its energy security
IEA Director of Global Energy Dialogue welcomes country's strong political commitment to develop conventional and unconventional gas resources
2 March 2012

IEA fact-finding mission to Baghdad
Team is preparing WEO in-depth special report on Iraq's energy sector
1 March 2012

The Future of Energy
IEA Executive Director gives far-ranging presentation in Mexico City
29 February 2012

IEA recognises ascent of renewable energy market with new report forecasting developments up to 2017
23 February 2012

IEA commends new Danish energy strategy
21 February 2012

Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Denmark 2011 Review
Denmark is a leader in implementing well-designed policies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change, according to a review of Danish energy policies published today by the International Energy Agency (IEA).
21 February 2012

IEA to prepare in-depth energy outlook of Iraq
15 February 2012

Oil production estimates for Sudan and South Sudan are cut amid revenue-sharing dispute
Monthly IEA Oil Market Report says China most likely to experience the acute effects of the supply disruption.
15 February 2012

IEA Chief Economist launches World Energy Outlook in Korea
"In a world of uncertainty one thing is sure: rising incomes and population will push energy needs higher"
15 February 2012

IEA to prepare in-depth energy outlook of Iraq
World Energy Outlook 2012 to focus on the role of the energy sector in the country's economy
15 February 2012

IEA supports Slovak efforts to push for regional integration and energy efficiency
6 February 2012

How long can the apparent stability in oil prices last?
Those seeking a more tranquil 2012 oil market may be disappointed – IEA Deputy Executive Director.
2 February 2012

Sharing information on bus transport systems is made easier thanks to new database
Global information resource is set up by IEA and World Resources Institute.
24 January 2012

Removal of gasoline subsidy in Nigeria sparks protests and cut in demand
Fuel subsidies are not only enormously wasteful but they also greatly distort the efficient distribution of resources – Oil Market Report.
20 January 2012

Exploiting the full potential of energy efficiency
New IEA report offers detailed guidance for governments on how to partner with private sector to finance energy efficiency measures.
19 January 2012

New IEA-IRENA partnership will heighten co-operation and policy collaboration
The two agencies will develop a Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database, as well as increase co-operation on technology and innovation
16 January 2012

IEA to train officials from around the world on key energy topics
100 participants from up to 50 countries are expected to attend the 2012 Energy Training Week
16 January 2012

IEA Statement
7 January 2012

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