2010 News

Global Energy Efficiency Governance study released
New publication offers guidance on how to establish effective structures to promote energy efficiency
17 December 2010

Latest News on World Energy Outlook 2010
Italian launch is hosted by CEO of Enel
10 December 2010

Efforts in Cancun should encourage low-carbon energy solutions and lead to lower emission path without delay as Copenhagen pledges fall short
6 December 2010

Sustainable Hydropower Conference in Rio
23 November 2010

IEA, IEF and OPEC issue press release after joint energy events on interaction between physical and financial markets and on energy market regulation
23 November 2010

IEA participates in Governors Global Climate Summit 3 in California
Deputy Executive Director speaks on capitalising green technology
16 November 2010

IEA and EU collaboration to achieve the energy revolution
16 November 2010

Executive Director calls for technology revolution at APEC summit
13 November 2010

World Energy Outlook 2010
It is what governments do, and how that action affects technology that will shape the future of energy in the longer term
9 November 2010

Recent policy moves a start, but much stronger action is needed to accelerate the transformation of the global energy system, says the latest IEA World Energy Outlook
9 November 2010

First phase of Smart Grid Technology Roadmap released
8 November 2010

Executive Director presents Energy Technology Perspectives 2010 in London and Dublin
5 November 2010

Deputy Executive Director discusses investment opportunities that could help transform the global energy system
IEA sees China as principal driver of global oil demand growth
4 November 2010

IEA Clean Energy Technologies Symposium
Rolling out energy technology policy in Asia
3 November 2010

The IEA ‘Clean Energy Technologies’ Symposium and the Launch of the IEA Policy Pathway ‘Energy Performance Certification of Buildings’
2 November 2010

IEA participates in Russia’s International Energy Week
26 October 2010

OPEC at 50
"We all share an interest in the development of cleaner, more stable and secure oil markets for the future." IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka.
20 October 2010

World Statistics Day
20 October 2010

Chile applying for IEA membership
13 October 2010

New IEA Policy Pathways Series shows the way on how to substantially improve implementation of energy efficiency recommendations
11 October 2010

IEA commends the Czech Republic for energy security achievements and calls for greater focus on climate change and economic efficiency
7 October 2010

IEA releases latest estimates on CO2 emissions from fuel combustion
6 October 2010

IEA Forum launches Electric Vehicles Initiative at Paris Auto Show
1 October 2010

IEA Forum at Paris Motor Show launches Electric Vehicles Initiative
Commitments for greater international co-operation
1 October 2010

IEA presents early WEO energy poverty analysis
22 September 2010

Natural gas in India
21 September 2010

Energy efficiency focus in Russia
20 September 2010

Energy Technology Perspectives 2010 is presented in Spain
20 September 2010

The role of technology in the global energy transformation
15 September 2010

IEA Emergency Response Training course promotes energy security
The IEA is increasingly engaged in co-operation with the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum (APEC) in various fields of energy.
13 September 2010

IEA Presents Energy Technology Perspectives in India
13 September 2010

Latest Global Energy Statistics Now Available
1 September 2010

IEA presents Energy Technology Perspectives in Norway
31 August 2010

Presenting Energy Technology Perspectives and contributing to APEC Growth Strategy in Japan
6 August 2010

Geothermal Essentials
IEA paper sketches out basic facts and prospects for using energy from the Earth’s core
29 July 2010

IEA welcomes France’s commitment to combating climate change and urges the government to pursue electricity sector reforms
26 July 2010

IEA encourages Turkey to further reform its energy sector and move towards a low-carbon economy
23 July 2010

China overtakes the United States to become world’s largest energy consumer
20 July 2010

IEA Participates in Clean Energy Ministerial
19 July 2010

IEA contributes to Renewables Global Status Report
16 July 2010

Energy Technology Perspectives presentation in China
15 July 2010

Presenting Energy Technology Perspectives in Brazil and Chile
14 July 2010

Mexico opens Latin American tour for Energy Technology Perspectives
9 July 2010

Breakfast debate in Paris on Energy Technology Perspectives 2010
8 July 2010

Preparing for the Partnership Meeting
8 July 2010

Oil and Gas Market Report presented in Washington
7 July 2010

Energy Technology Perspectives presentation in Germany
6 July 2010

Highlighting key energy technology messages in UK
5 July 2010

IEA sees the first early signs of an energy technology revolution underway across the globe but urges that much more needs to be done to achieve the necessary long-term CO2 cuts
1 July 2010

Renewable Energy Forum in Yokohama
29 June 2010

G8 and G20 cite IEA work
28 June 2010

IEA at Shanghai Expo
25 June 2010

IEA says outlook for oil and natural gas markets still uncertain, but both share need for more investment, improved energy efficiency and better data
23 June 2010

Renewables in Southeast Asian Countries: Trends and Potentials
21 June 2010

IEA collaborates with APEC economies
19 June 2010

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2010
19 June 2010

Expansion of nuclear energy is a key contributor to combating climate change
16 June 2010

IEA attends Inauguration of the Global Green Growth Institute in Seoul
16 June 2010

IEA-Indonesia joint workshop focuses on emergency preparedness
16 June 2010

IEA/CSLF Report to the Muskoka G8 Leaders’ Summit: Carbon Capture and Storage crucial for mitigating climate change
Heightened government-industry cooperation essential to achieve G8 goal
14 June 2010

Latest IEA activities in China
11 June 2010

Global fossil fuel subsidies amount to USD 557 billion
8 June 2010

Improving Energy Efficiency in Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus region
4 June 2010

Focus on fossil fuel subsidies for G20
4 June 2010

IEA participates in SET-Plan summit
4 June 2010

IEA at OECD Meeting of the Council at Ministerial Level
28 May 2010

Energy Technology Initiatives
28 May 2010

IEA at fifth European Nuclear Energy Forum in Bratislava
25 May 2010

Energy Business Council convenes at IEA
18 May 2010

Two solar power Technology Roadmaps presented in Washington
12 May 2010

Solar's role in decarbonising the electricity sector
11 May 2010

IPEEC holds first policy meeting
11 May 2010

IEA sees great potential for solar, providing up to a quarter of world electricity by 2050
11 May 2010

IEA at EE Global
10 May 2010

IEA Analyses NGL Prospects
10 May 2010

Gas-to-liquids development in Qatar
9 May 2010

Fostering co-operation with Chile
30 April 2010

Keeping Paris cool
29 April 2010

UN Focuses on Energy for Development
28 April 2010

Focus on fossil fuel subsidies for G20
23 April 2010

Official visit to Finland
13 April 2010

Visit to ITER facility in Cadarache, France
9 April 2010

Highlights from the 12th International Energy Forum
31 March 2010

The Projected Costs of Generating Electricity: 2010 Edition - The Future of Global Power Supply: The Line-Up
25 March 2010

Responding to climate change
25 March 2010

IEA supports energy security, efficiency and technology cooperation with Bulgaria
19 March 2010

IEA Executive Director talks on the future potential of biofuels
16 March 2010

Comparative study on rural electrification policies in emerging economies
Keys to successful policies
15 March 2010

Keynote at CERA Week
11 March 2010

Businesses urge low-carbon transition
10 March 2010

Role of nuclear power in sustainable energy mix
8 March 2010

Executive Director addresses MIT Energy Conference
6 March 2010

Developing IEA ties with Nigerian Delta
5 March 2010

EIA Administrator speaks at IEA
1 March 2010

IEA/IEEJ Forum on Global Oil Market Challenges
26 February 2010

IEA Executive Director talks with Visegrad 4+ leaders on energy security
24 February 2010

IEA, OPEC, OECD and World Bank co-operate on G20 energy subsidy agenda
18 February 2010

Focus on renewable energy, climate change in Israel
12 February 2010

Second-generation biofuels can play a crucial role in the transport sector
9 February 2010

Reinforcing IEA-partner country relationships with Indonesia and Thailand
4 February 2010

Impact of financial crisis on oil and gas sectors
4 February 2010

IEA commends Italy on progress in energy policy but cautions that further long-term challenges remain
3 February 2010

Chief Technology Officers convene at IEA
2 February 2010

IEA launches Energy Business Council website
1 February 2010

Energy efficiency focus at IEA
28 January 2010

IEA to host oil industry forum in Tokyo with IEEJ and METI
28 January 2010

IEA discusses broadening ties with Brazil
26 January 2010

EU joins International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation
26 January 2010

IEA at World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi
Conference seeks to identify real solutions for today's climate change and energy challenges
20 January 2010

Potential for closer IEA co-operation with Mexico
IEA Deputy Executive Director Richard Jones meets with Mexican Energy Secretary to discuss areas of collaboration
19 January 2010

IEA Executive Director talks with EU energy business leaders and climbs the largest solar tower
15 January 2010

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