2009 News

IEA launches European map of natural gas trade flows
23 December 2009

IEA welcomes Copenhagen Accord but calls for more efforts
22 December 2009

Coal mine methane in Russia: turning a liability into an asset?
18 December 2009

Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Addresses IEA Day at COP 15
17 December 2009

IEA Executive Director test drives Renault Electric Vehicle
16 December 2009

IEA offers blueprint to deliver on ambitious climate change goals and urges all governments to send a strong signal to spur new investment for clean energy
14 December 2009

Copenhagen: IEA urges all governments to send a strong signal to spur new investment for clean energy
14 December 2009

High-level meeting in Copenhagen
14 December 2009

Spotlight on the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen
11 December 2009

Promoting Energy Efficiency Worldwide
11 December 2009

IEA Deputy Executive Director participates in the ICC-WBCSD Business Day, and served as a speaker on the summary panel of experts.
11 December 2009

Open editorial by Fatih Birol in The Times
10 December 2009

Cities can take the lead in renewable energy and show national governments the way
8 December 2009

World Energy Outlook 2009 US Launch at CSIS
4 December 2009

IEA Executive Director Visits Canada
3 December 2009

IEA releases Cement Sector Technology Roadmap
3 December 2009

WEO Findings Presented at NYC Universities
30 November 2009

IEA launches technology roadmap on wind energy
30 November 2009

IEA welcomes US and Chinese CO2 targets
26 November 2009

WEO-2009 presented in Tokyo
25 November 2009

WEO 2009 Presented in Beijing
23 November 2009

WEO presentation at the World Affairs Council of Northern California
23 November 2009

World Energy Outlook 2009 findings - Rice University webcast
20 November 2009

World Energy Outlook 2009 presented in Oslo
19 November 2009

IEA Chief Economist given top German honor
19 November 2009

World Energy Outlook 2009 presentations in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan
17 November 2009

World Energy Outlook 2009 presented in Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok
16 November 2009

World Energy Outlook 2009 presented to the European Commission
13 November 2009

Dutch Minister Honours the World Energy Outlook
12 November 2009

World Energy Outlook 2009 presented in Copenhagen
11 November 2009

The time has come to make the hard choices needed to combat climate change and enhance global energy security, says the latest IEA World Energy Outlook
10 November 2009

IEA Recognises Low-carbon District Energy Schemes
3 November 2009

IEA Participates in World Policy Conference
1 November 2009

IEA Mission to Russia
28 October 2009

Transport, Energy and CO2: Moving toward Sustainability
How the world can achieve deep CO2 reductions in transport by 2050
27 October 2009

First IEA-Indonesia Energy Statisticians Training Project Course Held in Paris
26 October 2009

IEA Launches Energy Policy Review of Chile
22 October 2009

IEA commends Chile on significant achievements in energy policy and recommends clearer regulation for long-term investment to integrate environmental costs
22 October 2009

IEA Participates in Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate
20 October 2009

IEA Ministers confirm commitment to stabilise CO2 emissions and ensure transition to low-carbon economy; welcome closer co-operation with China, India and Russia
15 October 2009

IEA Ministerial in Paris
15 October 2009

Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies: -- Are IEA Member Countries on Track?
15 October 2009

IEA Scoreboard 2009 -- 35 Key Energy Trends over 35 Years
14 October 2009

IEA Ministerial in Paris
14 October 2009

IEA Releases Technology Roadmap to Achieve CCS Commercialisation
13 October 2009

Contribution agreement with the EBRD
12 October 2009

The new Japanese Government welcomes the IEA
8 October 2009

From financial crisis to 450 ppm
The IEA maps out the energy sector transformation and its financial consequences under a global climate agreement
6 October 2009

Expert Round Table on Energy Efficiency Indicators in the Residential Sector
28 September 2009

IEA commends Spain for improvements in energy policy, but urges a stronger push towards a low-carbon economy
28 September 2009

Energy Efficiency Working Party
16 September 2009

IEA proposes approaches to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the key sectors, industry and power
15 September 2009

IEA commends Portugal on effective implementation of energy policy but cautions that further challenges remain
10 September 2009

IEA welcomes two new directors
2 September 2009

The IEA notes with sadness the recent death of Matt Simmons
10 August 2009

IEA highlights importance of methane recovery
5 August 2009

EU Energy and Environment ministers discuss energy efficiency in Åre/Sweden
23 July 2009

Informal Meeting of EU Energy and Environment Ministers in Are, Sweden
23 July 2009

IEA visits model energy efficient and renewable energy house
20 July 2009

IEA says that G8 call for increased investment in energy supply, energy efficiency and low-carbon technology is timely and urgent
9 July 2009

IEA at G8 Summit in l’Aquila/Italy
8 July 2009

Head for new IEA Renewable Energy Division
1 July 2009

IEA Executive Director Shares Views with EPA Administrator Jackson
30 June 2009

IEA calls oil and natural gas outlook very uncertain as economic crisis hits markets: Oil prices may be rebounding; Gas demand dips for first time in 50 years
29 June 2009

Renewables have a key role to play
23 June 2009

Closer IEA Energy Co-operation with Indonesia
18 June 2009

IEA and Indonesia Agree to Closer Energy Co-Operation
17 June 2009

Energy Technology Transition Project Launch
13 June 2009

Meeting with first IEA Governing Board Chair
12 June 2009

View from Australia
3 June 2009

Meeting with Chilean Energy Minister
29 May 2009

IEA urges use of cogeneration and district energy for global energy security and climate change mitigation
27 May 2009

Thailand-IEA Joint Emergency Response Exercise, Bangkok
18 May 2009

IEA Welcomes Creation of IPEEC
14 May 2009

IEA expects energy use by new electronic devices to triple by 2030 but sees considerable room for more efficiency
13 May 2009

IEA Submission to US Senate on Creation of Oil Product Reserve
12 May 2009

Mapping global R&D efforts
28 April 2009

Energy and Society Conference, Portugal
27 April 2009

IEA sees China lead the way in developing new cleaner coal technologies
20 April 2009

Cleaner coal in China
IEA launches clean coal study in Beijing
20 April 2009

Taking a test drive in a PHV
9 April 2009

Inauguration of the International Nuclear Academy
3 April 2009

European Business Summit in Brussels
27 March 2009

Global Energy Governance
26 March 2009

Italian Environment Minister Visits IEA
25 March 2009

IEA commends Luxembourg for clear improvements in energy policy, but urges stronger action on climate change and oil security
20 March 2009

Indian Secretary of Power attends IEA Governing Board
11 March 2009

IEA convenes new Energy Business Council to assess impact of financial crisis on energy markets and share views on climate change and other pressing energy issues
10 March 2009

IEA Participates in Launch of Global Fuel Economy Initiative
4 March 2009

IEA Participates in Launch of Global Fuel Economy Initiative
4 March 2009

International agencies launch 50% global fuel economy plan to key industry players at Geneva Motor Show
4 March 2009

Energy and Society Conference, Portugal
27 February 2009

Korea's Role in a "Reshaping World"
24 February 2009

IEA commends the Netherlands for its sound and sustainable energy policy, but calls for more focus on implementation to reach ambitious policy objectives
2 February 2009

Davos: IEA Emphasises Clean Energy Role in Economic Recovery
30 January 2009

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