2008 News

“You say you want a revolution”: IEA Side Event at Climate Change COP 14
12 December 2008

Executive Director Tanaka meets Minister Al Naimi at COP 14
11 December 2008

IEA calls for “Clean Energy New Deal” to stimulate global economy and combat climate change
8 December 2008

UN Climate Change Conference Side Event Presentation
8 December 2008

IEA calls Indonesia a major player in global energy economy and praises increasingly progressive energy policies
21 November 2008

New energy realities: WEO calls for global energy revolution despite economic crisis
12 November 2008

IEA urges a quick and global push to develop and deploy carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies
20 October 2008

To accelerate the exploitation of the large potential for renewable energy, IEA urges governments to adopt effective policies based on key design principles
29 September 2008

Deploying Renewables is released today
28 September 2008

Poland becomes 28th member country of the IEA
25 September 2008

Poland becomes 28th IEA member country
25 September 2008

IEA urges overcoming investment uncertainties, cost increases and delays in natural gas markets to maintain security of supply
18 September 2008

The 25th anniversary issue of the Oil Market Report has been published
10 September 2008

European Union is leading on climate change and energy policies, but needs to increase funding for energy research and development
4 September 2008

Visit to Algiers
16 July 2008

Aiming at a Clean, Clever and Competitive Energy Future
10 July 2008

IEA welcomes G8 call for action on energy security and sustainability
9 July 2008

Despite slowing oil demand, IEA sees continued market tightness over the medium term
1 July 2008

IEA welcomes steps toward reform and integration in the Western Balkans and calls for strengthened institutions, policies and implementation
26 June 2008

IEA welcomes Saudi invitation to oil talks
12 June 2008

The IEA praises Japan’s commitment to and action on technology development and deployment across the globe, and urges the country to strengthen domestic energy and climate policies
9 June 2008

Now or Never: IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2008 shows pathways to sustained economic growth based on clean and affordable energy technology
6 June 2008

IEA commends Sweden for its sound and sustainable energy policy, but urges clarification on the role of nuclear power
28 May 2008

Richard H. Jones named next IEA Deputy Executive Director
2 May 2008

Responding to urgent energy challenges
IEA calls for greater investment in the oil sector and for CCS to be made eligible to receive revenues generated by the CDM
21 April 2008

The IEA praises Finland’s commitment to balanced and realistic energy policy, and urges the government to continue to be vigilant on energy security
26 March 2008

OPEC Secretary General’s Visit to IEA Underscores Shared Commitment to Dialogue
25 March 2008

IEA urges overcoming market barriers to increased energy efficiency in buildings
20 March 2008

Austria has made commendable progress on R&D and developing renewables, but needs to act on energy efficiency and market competition
27 February 2008

IEA commends US government for energy policy acts and outlines challenges on energy efficiency and renewables
15 February 2008

IEA Chief Technology Officer Round Table Joint Statement
IEA Brings Chief Technology Officers Together to Tackle Global Energy Issues
18 January 2008

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