2007 News

Ministries with energy responsibilities must step up now to climate change mitigation and realise huge potential of energy efficiency
11 December 2007

A new phase in IEA work with China and India
6 December 2007

IEA reacts to OPEC decision
5 December 2007

Slovak Republic to become 27th member of the IEA
30 November 2007

The IEA Emergency Response System
Ready to respond to any potential oil supply disruption
29 November 2007

IEA commends Switzerland for its energy policy reforms, but sees more room for higher energy efficiency and use of renewable energy
26 November 2007

The World Energy Outlook makes the case for stepping up co-operation with China and India to address global energy challenges
The next 10 years are critical
7 November 2007

World Energy Outlook 2007 press release in Chinese
7 November 2007

Fossil fuel-fired power generation
IEA identifies proven technology available today to significantly reduce CO2 emissions
23 October 2007

IEA urges governments to mind the energy efficiency gap
15 October 2007

Poland is invited to join IEA
3 October 2007

11 September 2007

Energy use in the new millennium
Trends in IEA countries
10 September 2007

1 September 2007

31 August 2007

IEA commends Irish government for its energy policy reforms; outlines significant challenges on market reform and transport energy efficiency
3 July 2007

International Star Award - International Energy Agency
28 June 2007

New comprehensive overview of world industrial energy efficiency and CO2 intensity
25 June 2007

Legal and regulatory frameworks for CO2 storage should be fast-tracked to spur demonstration
21 June 2007

The IEA praises Germany’s commitment to sound energy policies and now urges the government to reconsider the phase-out of nuclear power and to focus on energy market reform and climate policy
4 June 2007

The IEA applauds Korea’s rapid development to a modern energy system and now urges reform of energy markets and action on environmental concerns
31 May 2007

Communique: Meeting of the Governing Board at Ministerial Level
15 May 2007

High risk of underinvestment in power generation in current climate of uncertainty
3 May 2007

Natural Gas Market Review 2007
Security in a globalising market to 2015
3 May 2007

The Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation and the IEA renew their Memorandum of Understanding
27 April 2007

Climate policy uncertainty and investment risk
24 April 2007

IEA commends Hungarian energy policy for positive developments since 2003, but notes significant challenges on market reform and energy efficiency
3 April 2007

Energy security and climate policy: Assessing interactions
28 March 2007

Slovak Republic is invited to join the IEA
7 March 2007

IEA commends UK energy policy for supporting investment and energy efficiency, but outlines challenges on future security of supply
1 March 2007

IEA: IPCC report emphasises urgency of global action
2 February 2007

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