2006 News

IEA Identifies Best Practices in Energy Policies during 2006, Highlighting Energy Efficiency and Technology
18 December 2006

Nobuo Tanaka nominated to succeed Claude Mandil as IEA Executive Director in September 2007
14 December 2006

Ukrainian Press Release in Ukrainian
6 December 2006

IEA commends Greek energy policy for supporting regional energy links, but outlines domestic challenges on market reform
29 November 2006

IEA exhorts Ministers to “bridge the gap” between current policies and the new measures that will empower a more secure, environmentally acceptable energy system
14 November 2006

Weltenergieausblick 2006 zeigt den Weg in eine sauberere, intelligentere und auf mehr Wettbewerb basierende Energieversorgung
7 November 2006

The World Energy Outlook 2006 Maps Out a Cleaner, Cleverer and More Competitive Energy Future
7 November 2006

CIAB Award presented to Dr Kelly Thambimuthu by CIAB Chairman Mr Preston Chiaro
3 November 2006

Ukraine’s huge energy efficiency potential is key to improving its energy security
13 October 2006

Angola – Towards an Energy Strategy
26 September 2006

IEA Supports G8 Energy Security Focus and Calls for Optimising Russian Natural Gas to Enhance Energy Security and Environmental Benefits
18 July 2006

“China’s Power Sector Reforms: Where to Next?” — Setting near-term priorities to build a market-based sector
10 July 2006

“Light’s Labour’s Lost” – Policies for Energy-efficient Lighting
29 June 2006

IEA commends Danish energy efficiency but advises more focus on efficient transport, cost-effectiveness and market concentration
26 June 2006

Energy technology scenarios and strategies for a more secure and sustainable energy future
22 June 2006

Government of Georgia and International Energy Agency to host Energy Security Conference
15 June 2006

The Natural Gas Market: Rapidly globalising but triggering concerns on supply
8 June 2006

Fourth Joint OPEC/IEA Workshop
19 May 2006

The IEA applauds New Zealand’s steady commitment to liberalised energy markets, but urges government to finalise its climate policy and comply with its oil stock obligation
11 May 2006

IEA Calls for more investment, more energy efficiency and more transparency
24 April 2006

IEA Commends Slovak Energy Market Reforms, but Urges Further Action on Energy Security, Efficiency and Market Opening
27 March 2006

The IEA Welcomes Belgium’s Progress Towards Energy Market Liberalisation but Urges Action to Reduce Competition Barriers for Customer Benefit
10 March 2006

Renewable Energy Technologies to Play an Important Role in a Clean, Clever, and Competitive Energy Future
14 February 2006

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