2005 News

Conclusion of IEA Collective Action
26 December 2005

IEA Identifies Examples of Good Practice in Energy Policies
13 December 2005

Lessons from Liberalised Electricity Markets and Learning from the Blackouts
12 December 2005

“Energy and Climate Change: More Action Needed”
6 December 2005

Will Our Children Be Driving a Hydrogen Fuelled Car? The Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Future Energy System
1 December 2005

International Energy Statistics Meeting
29 November 2005

IEA Commends Norwegian Energy Policy for Exemplary Management of Resource Wealth, but Outlines Challenges on Climate Change and Security of Supply
28 November 2005

“Act Locally, Trade Globally” – Emissions Trading for Climate Policy
24 November 2005

IEA Projects Growth in Middle East and North Africa Oil and Natural Gas Sectors through 2030
7 November 2005

IEA Continues Implementation of its Co-ordinated Response, Remains Prepared to Weather the Storms and Encourages Energy Conservation
20 October 2005

Thai Prime Minister Meets with the International Energy Agency to Discuss the Energy Situation and Future Co-Operation
10 October 2005

IEA Commends Spanish Energy Policy for Stronger Actions on Energy Efficiency and Liberalisation, but Outlines Challenges on Climate Change and Security of Supply
10 October 2005

Resources to Reserves - Oil and Gas Technologies for the Energy Markets of the Future
22 September 2005

Statement By Claude Mandil IEA Executive Director After the meeting of the IEA Governing Board
15 September 2005

IEA Commends Czech Market Reform and Emission Reductions but Urges Greater Energy Efficiency and Improved Competitive Markets
8 September 2005

Contributions of IEA Member Countries to the Hurricane Katrina Oil Supply Disruption
7 September 2005

IEA Announcement of Emergency Stock Release
2 September 2005

IEA Commends the Efficiency and Security of the Australian Energy Market But Cautions on Environmental Sustainability
9 August 2005

IEA Welcomes G8 Action Plan on Climate Change
8 July 2005

New Opportunities for Biofuels
21 June 2005

Saving Electricity in a Hurry
7 June 2005

Third Joint OPEC/IEA Workshop Joint Communique
15 May 2005

KOMMUNIQUE: Tagung des Verwaltungsrats auf Ministerebene
3 May 2005

Communique. Meeting of the Governing Board at Ministerial Level
3 May 2005

Communiqué. Réunion du Conseil de direction au niveau des Ministres
3 May 2005

IEA Press Release: Saving Oil in a Hurry
28 April 2005

The IEA Commends Turkey’s Progress in Liberalising Energy Markets, but Calls for More Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection.
19 April 2005

Russian Electricity Reform: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities
11 April 2005

New Figures on the Costs of Generating Electricity Released Today
16 March 2005

Nouvelles Donnees sur les Coûts de la Production dElectricite Publiees ce Jour
16 March 2005

IEA Commends Luxembourg’s Energy Policy, but Calls for Stronger Action on Climate Change and Oil Reserves
23 February 2005

IEA Commends Canada’s Competitive Energy Markets and Calls on the Federal Government to Strengthen its Efforts in Shaping Consensus on Important Energy Policy Issues
31 January 2005

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