2004 News

Kyoto is Not Enough: New Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
14 December 2004

“Energy Policies of IEA Countries – 2004 Review” Special Edition Review of the last 30 years – Cross-Country-Overview
2 December 2004

Call for Urgent and Decisive Policy Responses
26 October 2004

IEA Urges Portugal to Consistently Maintain its Oil Stockholding Obligation and Commends Initiatives to Develop Competitive Regional Energy Markets
11 October 2004

Improving District Heating Policy in Transition Economies
28 September 2004

L'AIE se Félicite du Cadre Compétitif des Marchés Français du Gaz et de l'Électricité mais Prévient que Défis Demeurent
12 July 2004

IEA Commends the Framework for Competition in French Gas and Electricity Markets but Cautions that Challenges Remain
12 July 2004

IEA Commends Dutch Energy Policy and Recognises the Challenges of Gas Market Restructuring
28 June 2004

IEA Updates the Dealing with Climate Change Database
21 June 2004

IEA Commends Swedens International Market Approach to Energy but Stresses the Importance of a Credible, Long-Term Plan on the Future of Nuclear Power
9 June 2004

IEA Analyses Security of Gas Supply in Open Markets
8 June 2004

Renewable Energy - Markets and Policy Trends in IEA Countries
1 June 2004

Biofuels for Transport: An International Perspective
11 May 2004

Second Joint IEA/OPEC Workshop on Oil Investment Prospects
28 April 2004

IEA Expresses Concern About High Oil Prices as it Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
1 April 2004

UK and Australia to Chair Successively IEA Governing Board
9 March 2004

Oil Crises and Climate Challenges: 30 Years of Energy Use in IEA Countries
2 March 2004

Conference on District Heating Policy: Toward Sustainability
23 February 2004

US Department of Energy Honours the IEAs "World Energy Investment Outlook"
19 February 2004

IEA Commends Finlands Market-Based Approach to Energy Policy
10 February 2004

The 7th IEA Energy Experts Meeting, Bangkok
6 February 2004

India and IEA Discuss Emergency Oil Stocks to Improve Global Energy Security; Set up Regular Information Exchange
22 January 2004

IEA Cooperates with India on Emergency Oil Stock Issues
8 January 2004

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