2003 News

IEA Examines Efforts to Ensure a Secure, Sustainable and Affordable Energy Supply
18 December 2003

IEA Affirms its Special Responsibility in Helping to Combat Climate Change
11 December 2003

IEA Coal Industry Award Recognises Importance of Coal in Sustainable Development
10 December 2003

Taking the Long Term View on Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Use
9 December 2003

First IEA Assessment of Renewable Energy
1 December 2003

Solutions for Advancing Electricity Market Reform
24 November 2003

IEA Commends Japans Commitment to Energy Security and Environmental Objectives but Advises More Focus on Economic Efficiency
18 November 2003

World Energy Investment Outlook Sees Need for $16,000 billion of Energy Investment through 2030, Highlights Major Challenges in Mobilising Capital
4 November 2003

IEA Commends Italy’s Progress in Energy Market Reform, but Sees Danger in Reducing Energy Diversification
30 October 2003

10 September 2003

IEA Commends Swiss Energy Policy, but advises more focus on Economic Efficiency
9 September 2003

Dr Noé van Hulst to head the IEA Long Term Office
1 August 2003

IEA Commends Austrian Market Reform and Use of International Energy Trade to Enhance Security and Reduce Costs
2 July 2003

IEA Commends Irelands Progress on Market Reform but Warns of Challenges in Reconciling Security and Environmental Goals
1 July 2003

IEA Commends Hungary for its Determined Effort to Liberalise Energy Markets, but Warns of Challenges Ahead
13 June 2003

Oil Market Report to be released on Friday 13 June
10 June 2003

Exceptional Oil Market Report and Monthly Oil Data Service Delay
5 June 2003

IEA Launches Climate Change and Renewable Energy Websites
14 May 2003

Kommuniqué. Tagung des Verwaltungsrats auf Ministerebene
29 April 2003

Communiqué. Réunion du Conseil de direction au niveau des Ministres
29 April 2003

Communique. Meeting of the Governing Board at Ministerial Level
29 April 2003

IEA Study Shows How to Save Energy and Reduce Harmful Emissions by Using More Efficient Domestic Appliances
16 April 2003

The IEAs Executive Director: Oil Supply is Assured
20 March 2003

United States Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham and IEA Executive Director Claude Mandil Issue Joint Statement on Energy Supply and Hydrogen Energy
7 March 2003

Sound Policies, Institutions and Structures needed to confront challenges facing South Americas Gas Market
6 March 2003

IEA Head Visits Saudi Arabia
5 March 2003

IEA Governing Board Reviews the State of the Oil Market
20 February 2003

Creating Markets for New Energy Technologies
24 January 2003

Claude Mandil Elected Executive Director of the IEA
17 January 2003

Algeria joins IEA SOLARPACES
13 January 2003

L'Algérie se joint à l'accord de mise en oeuvre du Programme de Concentration Solaire pour la Production d'énergie de l'AIE
13 January 2003

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