2002 News

IEA Commends Germanys Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions but Recommends Continuous Assessment of the Impacts of the Nuclear Phase-Out and Further Action in Regulatory Reform
18 December 2002

IEA Measures and Defines the Role of Renewables in Energy Mix
18 December 2002

IEA Examines Efforts to Ensure a Secure, Sustainable and Affordable Energy Supply
13 December 2002

Seminar on Oil Stocks and Emergency Response
12 December 2002

IEA Study Highlights Challenges Facing Chinas Developing Gas Market; Calls for a Coherent National Energy Policy
9 December 2002

Liberalisation provides a market-driven framework for gas flexibililty
2 December 2002

IEA and UNDP advocate new Energy Policies for Southeast Europe
14 November 2002

IEA Commends Free Market Approach to Energy Policy in UK, and Stresses Continuation of Effective Policy Modifications
30 October 2002

IEA Shows Past, Present and Future of Energy and Climate Change
17 October 2002

IEA Welcomes Greeces Adoption of Natural Gas, but Calls for Further Efforts on Security of Supply and Energy Efficiency
9 October 2002

World Energy Outlook 2002 sees China set to be a strategic buyer on world energy markets, while enormous investment on energy infrastructure is needed
26 September 2002

World Energy Outlook 2002 Sees Koreas Energy Demand Rising Strongly Until 2030 and its Role in Global Energy Trade Expanding Rapidly
24 September 2002

World Energy Outlook 2002 Sees Abundant Energy until 2030, But Projects Challenges on Security, Investment, Environment and Poverty
21 September 2002

Watching Both Sides of the Fence
5 September 2002

IEA Encourages Move towards an Open Market in Denmarks Energy Sector
3 September 2002

Statement to World Leaders on Sustainable Development, by Robert Priddle, Executive Director of the IEA, at the World Summit in Johannesburg
30 August 2002

Diagnosing a Problem is half the solution: IEA Brings Real Meaning to Sustainable Development
26 August 2002

IEA Reports on Ways to Achieve Sustainability in Urban Transport
22 August 2002

Energy and Poverty: IEA Reveals a Vicious and Unsustainable circle.
21 August 2002

Energie und Armut: Internationale Energieagentur fordert Umdenken Energie und Armut: Internationale Energieagentur fordert Umdenken Internationale Energieagentur fordert Umdenken
21 August 2002

Energie et Pauvreté: LAIE révèle un Cercle Vicieux et Intenble
21 August 2002

Coal in the Energy Supply of India. Industry Study for the IEA Recommends Coal Reforms in India to underwrite Sustained Economic Growth
1 July 2002

Distributed Generation: Electricity Users Invest in Security of Supply
25 June 2002

The Impact of Electricity Market Reform on Investment
25 June 2002

IEA Reviews Korea Energy Policy, Commends Diversification of Supply and Energy Markets Reforms, but Calls for more Attention to Energy Efficiency
5 June 2002

IEA Recommendations on Energy and Sustainable Development
28 May 2002

IEA Reviews US National Energy Policy, Stresses US Leadership Role and Encourages Legislation on Climate Change
30 April 2002

Energy Data -- Gathering Organisations Announce Further Steps to Transparency
25 April 2002

Special Award From Russian Science Academy Honours the IEAs "World Energy Outlook 2001"
25 April 2002

IEA Commends Indian Electricity Reforms, Calls for Action to Improve Market Efficiency
23 April 2002

Dominique MAILLARD, French Energy Official, is named as Chairman of IEA Governing Board
4 April 2002

Korea Set to Become 26th Member of the International Energy Agency
20 March 2002

IEA Commends Russian Efforts on Energy Security, Calls for a Full Implementation of Reforms
6 March 2002

Nominations for Climate Technology Awards
26 February 2002

IEA Commends Norways Energy Policy, Stresses The Countrys Key Role In International Energy Security
7 February 2002

IEA Cites Progress on Regulatory Reform, Warns that Unwanted Climate Change Continues
3 January 2002

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