2001 News

Turkey Achieved Breakthrough in Energy Liberalisation - but now the Environment needs Attention
20 December 2001

IEA Commends Czech Republic for Energy Supply Security, Calls for Further Efforts on Regularity Reform and Energy Efficiency
22 November 2001

Energy Security and Climate Stability Must be Made Compatible, IEA Tells COP 7
8 November 2001

IEA Commends Rapid Market Liberalisation, but Stresses the Need to Ensure Supply Security and to Meet Kyoto Target
30 October 2001

IEA Supply Book Sees Ample Energy to 2020 and Beyond but "Massive" Investment Needed to Exploit it
23 October 2001

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) 2001 World Climate Technology and Leadership Awards
9 October 2001

IEA Commends Introduction of New Energy Efficiency Measures, but Stresses Need for More Competition in Belgiums Energy Sector
3 October 2001

IEA Welcomes OPEC Display of Moderation; Says World Oil Markets Are "Well-Supplied"
28 September 2001

IEA Commends New Zealand Energy Policy, but Points to Mixed Objectives in Electricity Reform
11 July 2001

IEA Approves Australias Energy Liberalisation, Adds That Reforms Must Respect the Environment
9 July 2001

Switched Off but Not Unplugged
5 June 2001

A Multi-Source, Multi-Purpose Fuel for the Future
31 May 2001

Meeting of the Governing Board at Ministerial Level - Communiqué
15 May 2001

IEA Welcomes Chinese Plan for Emergency Oil Stocks, Looks Forward to Strengthening Security Dialogue
24 April 2001

IEA Examines Future of Nuclear Power in OECD; Identifies Challenges Facing Member Countries
23 April 2001

Korea Joins International Energy Agency; Becomes IEA’s Twenty-Sixth Member
20 April 2001

Energy Statisticians Launch Major Initiative; IEA Announces Data Round-Tables with Industry
13 April 2001

Third Annual CTI World Climate Technology Awards
10 April 2001

IEA Calls for "Considerable Changes" to Attain Sustainable Energy Growth
6 April 2001

Regulatory Institutions in Liberalised Electricity Markets
5 April 2001

Czech Republic Joins International Energy Agency, Becomes Consumer Groups Twenty-Fifth Member
22 February 2001

IEA Finds Members Well Prepared For a New Oil Shock, But Warns of Challenges to Future Energy Security
22 February 2001

Electricity Market Competition: Getting It Right
21 February 2001

Carbon Emissions Set to Rise Steadily with Fossil Fuel Use; But, IEA Indicates, Ways to Halt Climate Change Do Exist
23 January 2001

IEA Notes OPEC Production Cut with Concern, Expects its Market Impact will be "Moderate"
17 January 2001

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