2000 News

IEA Cites Progress on Regulatory Reform but Sees Difficulties in the Fight Against Climate Change
13 December 2000

IEA Comments on Reported Iraq Oil Cut
1 December 2000

Carbon Emissions Set to Rise Steadily with Fossil Fuel Use
But, IEA indicates, Ways to Halt Climate Change Do Exist
21 November 2000

IEA says France Can Liberalise Faster
French Energy Companies Well-Prepared for Free Markets
15 November 2000

IEA Commends Canadian Energy Policy
Review calls for further development of regional energy markets and for progress in addressing Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Target
15 November 2000

The Climate Technology Initiative 2000 World Climate Technology and Leadership Awards
10 November 2000

IEA Asks: Can the Netherlands Square the Circle of Strong Environmental Protection and Free Markets?
31 October 2000

IEA Calls for Further Clarification of Swedish Nuclear Policy, Recommends Greater Receptiveness to Natural Gas
20 October 2000

IEA Encourages Luxembourg Energy Market Reforms Recommends Strengthening Efforts to Imporve Energy Efficiency
5 October 2000

IEA Governing Board Meets, Assesses World Oil Situation
4 October 2000

More Crude Production is Fine, IEA Says, but Causes of Market Volatility Remain
11 September 2000

IEA Releases Energy Survey of Black Sea Countries
23 June 2000

IEA Director, Industry Leaders Call Electricity the Lifeblood of the Information Age
19 June 2000

IEA Director Calls on OPEC to Heed Market Signals; Says Brent Crude at $31 Belies “Adequate Supply”
14 June 2000

IEA and ASCOPE Discuss Asian Oil, Energy Security; Set up Regular Information Exchange
27 May 2000

IEA Commends Portugal Energy Market Reforms Recommends Moving on Market Liberalisation in Gas, Increasing Competition in Electricity
25 May 2000

IEA Welcomes OPEC Production Increase; Emphasises Importance of June Market Review
29 March 2000

IEA and USGS Unite Oil and Natural Gas Resource Assessment with Energy Security Policy and Analysis
27 March 2000

IEA Examines China’s Worldwide Quest for Energy Security
20 March 2000

IEA Publishes Energy Policies of IEA Countries
28 February 2000

IEA Expresses Concern Over Tight Oil Supply and Shrinking Stocks
24 February 2000

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