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Statistics: Key electricity trends 2016
Overall production of electricity rose slightly in the OECD last year, but each region saw different changes in production shares by fuel type
19 April 2017

Commentary: Producing industrial hydrogen from renewable energy
Producing hydrogen in a way that’s both sustainable and economical could have huge consequences for a number of industries
18 April 2017

Bioenergy experts gather in Estonia
The government of Estonia announced its participation in the IEA Bioenergy TCP
13 April 2017

OMR: Half time
Halfway through six-months of oil production cuts, the game has gone fairly well for producers
13 April 2017

IEA examines critical interplay between digital and energy systems
New report in October will provide first comprehensive analysis of digitalization and energy
13 April 2017

IEA joins meeting of G7 Energy Ministers in Rome
IEA Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol delivers keynote address covering recent trends and challenges in the global energy sector
11 April 2017

Commentary: Energy is at the heart of India’s transformation
The stakes could not be higher to bolster economic growth and enhance living conditions for this nation of 1.3 billion people, which uses just 6% of the world’s energy
10 April 2017

Cities lead the way on clean and decentralized energy solutions
With urban energy use growing rapidly, cities will be key to a sustainable energy transition.
6 April 2017

Uneven progress on achieving access to sustainable energy for all
New report shows only modest improvements in electrification and access to clean cooking fuels
3 April 2017

India joins IEA family, a major milestone for global energy governance
The International Energy Agency welcomed India as an Association country on Thursday, expanding its partnership for a more secure and sustainable energy future with the world’s third-largest energy consumer
30 March 2017

Making carbon capture and storage more attractive
Opportunities for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are driving expanded investment in carbon, capture, utilisation and storage deployment
30 March 2017

IEA and Asian Development Bank commit to step up cooperation
Agreement seeks to bring the IEA’s technical energy expertise, data and analysis together with the ADB’s extensive energy sector lending and financing programmes in Asia
29 March 2017

Commentary: Running fast to stand still
Laszlo Varro, the IEA’s chief economist, provides a brief synopsis on how the oil industry evolved in very tumultuous times
27 March 2017

Experts gather to give strategic direction to upcoming World Energy Outlook special report on energy and development
Over 100 experts from 30 countries provide strategic direction for Energy Access Outlook: from Poverty to Prosperity
27 March 2017

World Energy Outlook 2017 to include focus on China’s energy outlook and the natural gas revolution
WEO-2017 will be released on 14 November and include updated energy demand and supply projections through 2040
23 March 2017

Commentary: Waste not, want not
On World Water Day, we look at the interdependence of water and energy
22 March 2017

The challenges and opportunities of low carbon transition in India’s power sector
About 75 participants from national and state government bodies, regulators, system operators and other market actors gathered in New Delhi to discuss the low carbon transition in India's power sector
21 March 2017

IEA and Argentina agree to co-operate on energy statistics
The Republic of Argentina and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have agreed to increase their co-operation with a new bilateral programme on energy statistics.
20 March 2017

Deep energy transformation needed by 2050 to limit rise in global temperature
Limiting the rise in global mean temperature to well below 2°C would require an energy transition of exceptional scope, depth and speed
20 March 2017

IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year even as global economy grew in 2016
Latest estimates find continuing decoupling of global emissions and economic activity
17 March 2017

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