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Commentary: 10 tips to stay cool in today’s heat
While greater access to cooling services is a good thing, it could place a major strain on energy systems
6 August 2018

Investment Analysis: The journey of US light tight oil production towards a financially sustainable business
The US shale industry seems to have reached a turning point
26 July 2018

Commentary: Decline in renewables investment is a warning signal for clean energy transitions
Government policy is key to boosting renewables finance
24 July 2018

Newly updated statistics data services and overviews
Statistics Information series covers all fuels and energy balances
23 July 2018

Largest ever IEA Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week held in Jakarta
220 energy efficiency professionals from government institutions, industry and academia gather from across Southeast Asia
20 July 2018

Executive Director on official visit to Thailand
Dr Birol met with Thailand’s energy minister to review expanding collaboration
18 July 2018

Global energy investment in 2017 fails to keep up with energy security and sustainability goals
Report also finds governments play a growing role in driving energy spending worldwide
17 July 2018

Executive Director on official visit to Indonesia
Dr Fatih Birol met with Indonesia's minister of energy and mineral resources and discussed collaboration between IEA and Indonesia
16 July 2018

OMR: Stretched to the limit
There are indications that production from leading producers is climbing and may reach record levels
12 July 2018

OMR: Cooling down
Concerns about the stability of oil supply have cooled down somewhat, at least for now
12 July 2018

IEA Executive Director on Official Visit to China
Focuses on deepening collaboration to bolster energy security, improve air quality and reduce carbon intensity
10 July 2018

Commentary: The importance of real-world policy packages to drive energy transitions
For many countries, carbon prices are one policy within a complex policy system to drive energy transitions
9 July 2018

Commentary: Progress with solar heat in India
Even in the hottest climates, heat production makes up a significant proportion of energy demand
3 July 2018

IEA holds 9th Emergency Response Exercise
Exercise simulates response to disruption to global oil supplies
2 July 2018

Commentary: From energy to chemicals
New IEA analysis in September on “The Future of Petrochemicals” will focus on exploring a pathway to a more sustainable chemical industry
2 July 2018

IEA holds high-level meeting on the future of nuclear power
Discussions focused on the challenges of nuclear energy and technologies for the future role of nuclear power in electricity markets
29 June 2018

Executive Director makes official visit to the United States
Two-day trip includes meetings with high-level officials and launch of Gas 2018
28 June 2018

IEA for EU4Energy Policy Forum on energy subsidies taking place in Kyrgyzstan
Discussions focus on phasing out energy subsidies, demand restraint and fuel switching
27 June 2018

The gas industry’s future looks bright over next five years, according to IEA analysis
Latest five-year market forecast highlights deep transformations in natural gas markets
26 June 2018

IEA participates in G20 energy ministerial meeting in Argentina
Group of 20 highlight the importance of clean energy technologies to accelerate the low-carbon transition
18 June 2018

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