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New analysis shows that fuel economy policies work – but more is needed
While the average fuel economy of vehicles continues to improve the rate of progress has slowed in recent years
10 January 2017

Indonesia’s steady progress in tackling fossil fuel subsidies
Yet the removal of subsidies has been hampered by opposition to change from entrenched interests
27 December 2016

IEA welcomes Italy’s plan to revisit energy strategy and further decarbonise economy
The IEA praised Italy’s comprehensive long-term energy strategy and efforts to comply with 2020 goals on renewable energy, climate change and energy efficiency
16 December 2016

IEA, IEF and OPEC hold 3rd Symposium on Gas and Coal Market Outlooks
Participants exchanged views and compared outlooks for natural gas and coal markets in the short, medium and long term
16 December 2016

IEA welcomes Task Force recommendations to disclose climate change risks with scenario analysis
The IEA welcomes the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures that aim to help businesses disclose the risks and opportunities presented by climate change.
15 December 2016

New policies needed for next-generation wind and solar
The dramatic expansion of renewable power in recent years thanks to falling costs has raised a new challenge for power-system operators and regulators:
14 December 2016

IEA urges the Czech Republic to set conditions to boost energy investments
New policy measures represent a solid starting point, but government needs to set out transparent implementation plans to establish clear expectations for future investors
13 December 2016

OMR: What a difference a year makes
The final report of 2016 analyses events as dramatic as those that kicked off the year
13 December 2016

Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2016
New report highlights the continuation of a major geographic shift in the global coal market towards Asia
12 December 2016

Commentary: Energy efficiency goes global
Brian Motherway, IEA Head of Energy Efficiency
9 December 2016

Swedish Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan to chair the IEA’s Ministerial Meeting in 2017
Ibrahim Baylan, Sweden’s Minister of Energy, was named as the chair of the International Energy Agency’s Ministerial meeting, which will be held in Paris in November 2017.
9 December 2016

Renewable energy’s next frontier: heat
Unlike power or transportation, heat remains widely under-served by renewable sources of energy
6 December 2016

IEA moves to enhance global gas security
While the rise of the liquefied natural gas market has accelerated the globalization of natural gas, the energy security implications of this transformation have attracted much less attention.
24 November 2016

A low-carbon future for India’s railways
In countries like India, rail transport still continues to play a central role in moving people and goods
21 November 2016

IEA Executive Director receives Carnot Prize from the University of Pennsylvania
The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania awarded its annual Carnot Prize to Dr Fatih Birol for his distinguished contributions to energy policy
17 November 2016

Major countries commit to increase the share of electric vehicles in government fleets
The Declaration emphasises the renewal of government fleets and showcases commitments of these countries to the introduction of low-emission vehicles
16 November 2016

World Energy Outlook 2016
Renewables and natural gas are the big winners in the race to meet energy demand growth until 2040
16 November 2016

A delicate balance between water demand and the low-carbon energy transition
Energy and water have always been closely intertwined: water is essential for energy production, likewise energy is critical to water supply
15 November 2016

Speeding up Carbon Capture and Storage needed to meet climate goals
CCS today is the only technology able to significantly reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants operating or under construction around the world
15 November 2016

Morocco becomes IEA Association Country, a first for the Middle East and Africa
The first IEA Association country from the Middle East and Africa has abundant renewable energy resources and is a regional leader in deploying clean energy technologies and energy efficiency measures
14 November 2016

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