Energy Snapshot of the Week

Unleaded gasoline prices and taxes, 1st Quarter 2014

This image shows the price, including the tax component, that consumers in OECD countries pay for premium unleaded gasoline, in US dollars. Even if the ex-tax prices vary from country to country, it is taxation that has a big impact on the pump prices, making up the largest share of the total price in 22 of the 32 countries surveyed. The lowest gasoline prices can be found almost exclusively in large non-European countries, such as the United States and Mexico, where taxes are around 15% of the total price. In contrast, countries like the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Turkey levy taxes of around 60%, which make their prices to consumers the highest in the OECD area.

The IEA’s quarterly Energy Prices and Taxes includes annual and quarterly data on prices to “end users” (households, industry and electricity generators) for the main oil products, gas, coal and electricity. The latest edition includes prices for the 1st Quarter 2014.

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