Energy snapshot

World energy investment by region, 2016

China remained the largest destination of energy investment, taking 21% of the global total yet the makeup of investments in China has been changing. 2016 saw a 25% decline in commissioning of new coal-fired power plants. Today, energy investment in China is increasingly driven by low-carbon electricity supply and networks, and energy efficiency.

Energy investment in India jumped 7%, cementing its position as the third-largest country behind the United States, owing to a strong government push to modernise and expand India’s power system and enhance access to electricity supply. The rapidly growing economies of Southeast Asia together represent over 4% of global energy investment.

Despite a sharp decline in oil and gas investment, the share of the United States in global energy investment rose to 16% – still higher than that of Europe, where investment declined 10% – mainly as a result of renewables.

11 July 2017

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