Energy snapshot

Electricity consumption in the water sector by process

Today, a quarter of the electricity consumed by the water sector is for wastewater collection and treatment, and this source of demand is projected to rise steadily to 2040 as more wastewater is collected and treated. By 2040, wastewater treatment will require over 60% more electricity than in 2014.‌

There are opportunities to limit this rise in energy demand. Wastewater contains significant amounts of embedded energy that, if harnessed, could help meet some of the sector’s increased energy needs. WEO analysis finds that by 2040, under the right incentive schemes, this potential resource could cover more than half of the electricity needs of municipal wastewater utilities. Already, some wastewater utilities are able to generate all the energy needed at their plant, through a combination of energy efficiency and energy recovery.

Source: Water Energy Nexus

20 March 2017

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