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On Climate Change: A message to our youth

The IEA has released a video, specifically for you, our next generation of leaders! Follow along as Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven narrates the journey of her own life and the development of the IEA, set in the context of the global community's journey in understanding and addressing the urgent issue of climate change.

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Interactive timelines combine policies and energy data

What happened to CO2 emissions in Poland after the country adopted a national target in 2009, or to electricity usage by industry in Brazil following the adoption in 1991 of its National Energy Conservation Programme? Find out in just a few clicks using dynamic timeline charts now available on the IEA website.

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Energy Efficiency Indicators: Country Practices Database

A supplement to the publication Energy Efficiency Indicators: Fundamentals on Statistics, this database presents practices on collection of data for developing efficiency indicators from a variety of OECD and non-OECD countries. Practices are searchable by country, sector, methodology and type of available documentation.

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Energy Storage Technology Roadmap Webinar

Energy storage technologies – spanning everything from electric water heaters to pumped hydro – are valuable components in most energy systems and could be an important tool for achieving a low-carbon future. Check out the IEA's webinar for the launch of this roadmap.

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The IEA turns 40: A History of the IEA in Pictures

The IEA has released a slideshow in celebration of its 40th anniversary, of a history of the IEA in pictures.

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