Unpacking the Electricity Security Action Plan

26 March 2011

This talk was given by Doug Cook and Dennis Volk, on March 26, 2012 at the IEA Headquarters in Paris, France.

Maintaining reliable and secure electricity services while seeking to rapidly decarbonise power systems is a key challenge facing all IEA member countries.  At the October 2011 IEA Ministerial meeting, member countries endorsed the IEA Electricity Security Action Plan as a major new initiative to support the development of more integrated and effective policies and programs to help meet this challenge. 

Doug Cooke and Dennis Volk will introduce the Electricity Security Action Plan, including a brief overview of the 2-year work program, its key work streams and current projects.  Much of this work is cross-cutting in nature and will need to be developed through close consultation and cooperation across the Secretariat.  This event marks the beginning of what we hope will be a productive and effective internal dialogue on these issues.  We will be establishing a working-level reference group to promote internal consultation and cooperation, and would like to encourage all colleagues interested in ongoing participating in this forum to let us know at the event or by e-mail (doug.cooke@iea.org or dennis.volk@iea.org).  We look forward to discussing these issues with you further next Monday.

Source: IEA