International Energy Agency 9 November 2010
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Welcome to the OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin, which comes to you free of charge from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and its Committee on Energy Research and Technology. It brings regular updates on activities within the IEA's energy technology and R&D community that are contributing to energy security and protection of the environment and climate worldwide.

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World Energy Outlook 2011

The “must read” for the energy sector
  • What impact will post-Fukushima uncertainty have on energy and climate trends?

  • We need $38 trillion in energy supply investment – but where is it needed and what would be the impact if it were not forthcoming?

  • What might delays to essential investment in the Middle East and North Africa mean for energy markets?

  • What would a weaker global economy in the short-term mean for the energy sector?

  • Can we still address climate imperatives if nuclear power and carbon capture and storage projects face delays?

  • Will incentives for renewables bring long-term economic and environmental benefits?

  • Can Russia remain the world’s most important producer of oil and gas (taken together) while using less energy itself?

  • Are commitments to reform fossil-fuel subsidies being implemented?

  • How can we best finance the cost of bringing modern energy to the world’s poor?

IEA’s World Energy Outlook (WEO‑2011) tackles these and other critical questions (Consult the WEO‑2011 table of contents). With extensive data, projections and analysis, WEO-2011 provides invaluable insights into how the energy system could evolve over the next 25 years. The book is essential reading for anyone with a stake in the energy sector.

IEA World Energy Outlook 2011
Almost 700 pages of analysis, more than 400 figures/tables.

For more about the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2011
, click here. The Outlook can be purchased in various formats, including pdf for multi-users with special offer for corporate/institutional package. To order click here  or write to

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