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IEA World Energy Outlook 2007
China and India Insights

Working with the world's new energy giants

Can China, India and the world's other major energy consumers get on track for a secure, low-carbon energy future? The newly released IEA World Energy Outlook 2007 (WEO 2007) shows how galloping energy demand in the fast-expanding economies of China and India can be met over the coming three decades, and how the rest of the world will be affected by their energy choices. This year's IEA WEO provides major new perspective on untangling the options all countries must face in shifting to more sustainable energy systems without undermining economic and social development.

The IEA WEO 2007 explains how the economic growth of the world's two emerging energy giants can actually benefit the world economy. It demonstrates that the energy challenges facing China and India are of global dimension, calling for collective responses involving all countries. Enriching the analysis beyond its reference and alternative scenarios, the 2007 edition of the WEO innovates with a third scenario reflecting the worldwide impact of continued high growth in China and India.

Important new data

More detailed by-sector energy use projections

Field-by-field oil and gas production prospects in China, India

Inter-linkages between energy use and economic activity

Global impact of structural economic change in China

IEA World Energy Outlook 2007 - China and India Insights addresses these and a host of other pressing questions

• Will the world soon run out of oil?
Will prices go on rising?

• What are coal's prospects worldwide, given climate concerns and technology's responses?

• If high economic growth continues in China and India, how can world fossil energy demand and related emissions be tackled?

• How far could specific greenhouse gas abatement measures limit rises in global temperatures by 2050?

• What share of their energy will China and India have to import over the coming years?

• How much investment is needed for electricity supply in China and India and in which branches?

• What are projected pay-back periods for measures in China to reduce energy intensity?

• Which measures could slash India's coal imports by half?

IEA's World Energy Outlook 2007: 663 pages of analysis, 325 graphs/tables.

For more about the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2007, click here. The Outlook can be purchased in various formats, including pdf for multi-users. Click here to order.

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