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Released today

Energy Technology Perspectives
Scenarios and Strategies to 2050

Pathways to reliable, clean, affordable energy

A more secure and sustainable global energy future is certainly within reach. That is the main message in this newly published IEA study. Energy Technology Perspectives: Scenarios & Strategies to 2050 charts pathways for transitioning to a sustainable energy sector by mid-century.

Bringing together the technical expertise of IEA's international energy technology network and IEA's modelling and analytical muscle, this new publication puts forward strategies for attaining energy scenarios unimaginable under current trends. It offers rich detail on the status and prospects of all key energy technologies in power generation, buildings, industry and transport to 2050. Five Accelerated Technology scenarios model differing assumptions about speed of energy efficiency gains and technology market penetration.

• How soaring global energy-related CO2 emissions can regain today's levels by 2050.

• How growth in oil demand can be halved.

• How galloping energy demand can be managed with lower climate impact.

• How energy efficiency can cut electricity demand by one-third against baseline level.

• How the cost of energy-sector sustainability need not be prohibitive.

Energy Technology Perspectives offers compelling messages for policy makers, notably on the need for a portfolio of technologies to spread risk and costs. A sustainable, secure energy future will hinge on dynamic financial and policy efforts, within both public and private sectors, to streamline and deploy existing or emerging energy technologies and to boost energy efficiency in transport, industry and buildings. Urgent action is needed now to prevent current investment decisions from locking inefficient, high-carbon energy infrastructure into the world's economies.

This new study from IEA is part of the Agency's response to calls from leaders of the G8 nations and from IEA ministers for advice on alternative scenarios and strategies for a clean, clever and competitive energy future.

Energy Technology Perspectives presents close to 500 pages of detailed analysis, illustrated with some 200 graphs and tables.

IEA’s Energy Technology Perspectives: Scenarios & Strategies to 2050 is available in various formats, including pdf for multi-users.
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