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Welcome to the OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin, which comes to you free of charge from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and its Committee on Energy Research and Technology. It brings regular updates on activities within the IEA's energy technology and R&D community that are contributing to energy security and protection of the environment and climate worldwide.

New Downloadable Publications

Numerous IEA energy technology publications and papers were showcased at the IEA's recent ministerial meeting in Paris (for meeting outcomes, consult the communiqué). Most of these new publications can be downloaded free of charge

High-profile topics

Legal Aspects of Storing CO2. An overview of the major legal and regulatory issues involved in advancing carbon dioxide storage technologies. A companion to the recently published Prospects for CO2 Capture and Storage. Click to download Legal Aspects of Storing CO2.

Saving Oil in a Hurry. A new, quantitative assessment of the potential oil savings and costs of rapid oil demand restraint measures for transport. This book looks at approaches that can be implemented at short notice, such as telecommuting, “ecodriving” and car-pooling. It outlines the methodologies for countries to use in identifiying the policies best suited to their national circumstances. Click to order.

IEA Technology Brief - Transport. Pinpoints the technologies that can contribute short-term to significantly reducing greenhouse gases in transport. Indicates the most promising paths for the longer term and charts the sequences for optimum transition to a near-zero-emissions scenario for the years to 2030, to 2050 and beyond mid-century. Click to download.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - The Potential of Coal. This publication from coal industry experts explores technology's potential for substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal. It urges governments to assist by establishing regulatory frameworks that encourage the development and deployment of the latest technologies. Click to download.

IEA's collaborative structure

Energy Technologies at the Cutting Edge. A comprehensive overview of the highly specialised work of the IEA international collaborative energy technology R&D programmes in the areas of end-use, fossil fuels, fusion power, renewables and inter-sectoral activities. Click to download.

The Frequently Asked Questions brochure provides basic information for both newcomers and the initiated on the practical aspects of participating in the IEA's collaborative programmes.

Mobilising Energy Technology. Describes the activities and recent achievements of the IEA energy technology Working Parties and Expert Groups. Conveys some of their key messages on optimising use of today’s energy resources and fostering sustainability for the energy systems of tomorrow. Click to download.

Technology Perspectives for Energy Policy. Combines some of these messages with IEA Secretariat analysis and findings - four pages of pointers for energy policy making. Click to download.

Findings of Recent IEA Work - 2005. An overview of outcomes from the IEA’s wide-ranging activities: security of supply and energy markets; energy diversification and efficiency; energy technology; environment and climate change; energy in the wider world. Click to download.