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Welcome to the OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin, which comes to you free of charge from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and its Committee on Energy Research and Technology. It brings regular updates on activities within the IEA's energy technology and R&D community that are contributing to energy security and protection of the environment and climate worldwide.


The energy story behind the headlines

Seldom in recent history has it been so crucial to master the facts about the world’s energy systems. IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2004 provides objective, comprehensive, robust information on every aspect of the energy sector. And precious insight into how energy supply and demand are likely to evolve over coming decades. It offers essential policy pointers for greater stability.

• What are the implications of high oil prices?

• Will they benefit producers in the long run?

• Will energy reserves suffice for tomorrow’s needs?

• Which world regions will feed tomorrow’s huge oil demand?

• Are the supply routes and “chokepoints” safe?

• How threatening is the investment challenge for energy extraction and delivery?

• How big a role will renewables and nuclear energy play in future power production?

• What fuel mix will meet soaring energy demand in developing countries?

• How will China’s needs affect energy markets?

• Are technology breakthroughs needed to stabilise CO2 emissions?

Special reports:

Oil and gas reserves uncertainties -detailed assessments

Russia as an energy superpower – supply & demand, implications for world markets

World Alternative Policy Scenario –energy-efficiency and environmental policies that could make a difference

Energy Development Index – analysis of the links between access to energy and world poverty

More than 550 pages of detailed analysis - with projections to 2030 - offer answers to a multitude of pressing questions about energy availability and affordability to fuel the economies of tomorrow.

The Outlook’s analysis, statistics and supply/demand projections cover oil, gas, coal, renewables, nuclear and electricity, also energy-related CO2 emissions. Special reports address high-profile issues (see above).

Hailed as the world’s single most authoritative source of energy information and analysis, the IEA's World Energy Outlook series has recently won several awards from private and public organisations.

For more about the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2004, click here. The Outlook can be purchased in various formats, including pdf for multi-users. Click here to order.