The OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin is a service providing On-line Publication of Energy News. E-mailed periodically from the Secretariat of the International Energy Agency (IEA), it circulates news to subscribers world-wide of activities, findings, events and publications originating within the "IEA Community" . Its particular focus is on news from entities coming under the guidance of the IEA's Committee on Energy Technology Research and Technology (CERT). Through the OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin we seek to generate broader cross-fertilisation of energy technology information and ideas among a readership of energy policy-makers and all those concerned with energy technology issues around the globe. Our goal is to create wider awareness, both within and outside IEA Membership, of advances in energy technology development and deployment associated with work within the IEA Community.

We welcome your comments on the OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin. Please do not hesitate to contact the OPEN Bulletin Team at: IEA-OPEN-Bulletin@iea.org.

Members of the "IEA Community" are encouraged to submit items for publication through http://www.iea.org/impag/CIP/FORM.HTM.