The seven issues of IEA Energy: The Journal of the International Energy Agency covered a broad range of today’s energy issues, from technology to market developments, highlighting the energy challenges of tomorrow. It featured a variety of perspectives from government, industry and other intergovernmental organisations – in member countries and beyond – as well as from IEA experts. Publication of IEA Energy is now suspended, but all seven issues remain available from this page, and material such as was previously published in the journal now is made available directly through the IEA website's Newsroom & Events and other sections. 

IEA Energy: Issue 7 - IEA turns 40




Download PDFs of all issues of IEA Energy here:

IEA Energy: Issue 7 - IEA turns 40

IEA Energy: Issue 6 - Electricity

IEA Energy: Issue 5 - Ministerial 2013

IEA Energy: Issue 4 - Visualising the "Hidden" Fuel of Energy Efficiency

IEA Energy: Issue 3 - Energy Security: Oil

IEA Energy: Issue 2 - Renewable Energy Coming of Age

IEA Energy: Issue 1 - IEA Ministerial 2011