Here you can find all multimedia material concerning ETP 2012, including webinars and videos from various ETP launches around the world.

Our webinars are web-bases seminars conducted by ETP analysts on specific subjects presented in the Energy Technology Perspectives book. They are open to the public and feature a presentation and a Q&A session that enable participants to ask questions and discuss the results from ETP.

Watch this space for upcoming webinars or replay the recordings of the following webinars here.

The Role of the Power Sector for a Clean Energy Future


Moderater: David Elzinga, IEA

Presenters: Markus Wråke and Uwe Remme, IEA

Panellists: Keith Burnard, Steve Heinen, Uwe Remme, Markus Wråke, IEA

The Role of CCS in meeting the 2DS emissions reductions targets

16th July 2012

Moderator: Juho Lipponen

IEA Presenters: Markus Wråke and Sean McCoy

Panelists: James Dooley, Joint Global Change Research Institute, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Uwe Remme, IEA Nathalie Trudeau, IEA

Flexible Electricity Systems

29th June 2012

Moderater: Axel Strang: French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

Presenters: David Elzinga and Steve Heinen, International Energy Agency

Additional videos

Video: "Closing the mitigation gap" Webcast of UNFCCC in session workshop. Bonn, Germany, May 21, 2012

Video: International Energy Agency's Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 at CSIS, June 17, 2012