ETP Data and Figures

For the first time ever, the IEA is making available the data used to create the Energy Technology Perspectives publication.

Download here data from the ETP2012 scenarios for selected regions. 

Here you will also find many of the figures, graphs and tables of the book available for download, along with much more material. The website is evolving and will be continuously updated.

Chapter 1: The Global Outlook

Chapter 2: Tracking Clean Energy Progress

Chapter 3: Policies to Promote Technology Innovation

Chapter 4: Financing the Clean Energy Revolution

Chapter 5: Heating and Cooling

Chapter 6: Flexible Electricity Systems

Chapter 7: Hydrogen

Chapter 8: Coal Technologies

Chapter 9: Natural Gas Technologies

Chapter 10: Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies

Chapter 11: Electricity Generation and Fuel Transformation

Chapter 12: Industry

Chapter 13: Transport

Chapter 14: Buildings

Chapter 16: Can We Reach Zero Emissions?

Chapter 17: Regional Spotlights