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Data Visualisations

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013

Here you can find the data behind the Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013. Discover many of the figures, graphs and tables of the book available for download, along with much more material. The website is evolving and will be continuously updated.

 ‌Nordic Data Visualisation 2013

Energy Technology Perspectives 2012

For the first time, the IEA releases interactive data and figures to highlight potential scenarios. This three-part interactive visualisation relies on the data and figures behind Energy Technology Perspectives 2012, the IEA’s flagship publication on energy technologies.

 ‌ETP 2012 Datavisualisation

Nordic ETP

Based on the scenarios and analysis of Energy Technology Perspectives 2012, the Nordic ETP assesses how the Nordic region can achieve a carbon-neutral energy system by 2050. This study marks the first regional edition of the Energy Technology Perspectives series since its inception in 2006.

 ‌Nordic Data Visualisation 2013