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ETP2012 technology overviews


The Tracking Clean Energy Progress report (PDF) and related Chapter of Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 provides a snapshot of where technologies stand against rates of progress required to achieve a 2 degree Celcius limit in global temperature rise (referred to as the ‘2 degree scenario’ or ‘2DS’).

Progress is evaluated by analysis of three main areas:

  • Technology progress, using data on technology performance, technology cost, and public spending on research, development & demonstration (RD&D)
  • Market creation, using data on government policies and targets, and private investment
  • Technology penetration, using data on technology deployment rates, share in the overall energy mix and global distribution of technologies.

Explore the report’s technology progress summaries above.

ETP 2012 technology overview - coal

ETP 2012 technology overview - nuclear

ETP 2012 technology overview - renewable power

ETP 2012 technology overview - electric vehicles

ETP 2012 technology overview - biofuels

ETP 2012 technology overview - carbon capture and storage