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EBC Meeting - 23 February 2011

CEOs and senior executives from 30 global energy companies, leaders in fossil, nuclear and renewables sectors as well as large energy-consuming organisations, met with senior IEA officials in Paris for the third meeting of the IEA Energy Business Council (EBC). The meeting, chaired by IEA Director Fatih Birol, was opened by Executive Director, Nobuo Tanaka, in the presence of the IEA Governing Board Chair, Marie Pierre Fauconnier. IEA Deputy Executive Richard Jones also participated.

Companies and organisation attending the 3rd EBC meeting included: Acciona, Alstom Power, BMW, CEEP, Chevron, Edison, Enel, Eni, Eurelectric, Fortum, Iberdrola Engineering, Lafarge, Lotos Group, Michelin, Novozymes, PEMEX, Petrobras, Renault, Repsol, RWE, RWE Innogy, Schlumberger, Sharp, Shell, Siemens, Statoil, Toshiba, Tokyo Electric Power Co., Toyota, Volkswagen, Westinghouse Electric Company.

The meeting on 23 February, followed by an evening reception hosted by Amb. Cristina Narbona, Permanent Representative of Spain to the OECD, shared expertise on key energy topics as well as to provide business inputs into IEA work, particularly the forthcoming World Energy Outlook 2011. The meeting – conducted under Chatham House rule to foster an open, frank and constructive dialogue – was structured around three main items:

  • IEA and EBC priorities in 2011
  • Current Developments in Global Energy Markets and Climate Policy
  • World Energy Outlook 2011 – Special Report: A Golden Age for Natural Gas? What does it mean for the energy sector?

EBC participants addressed during the meeting key topics such as:

  • Oil market implications of ongoing events in North Africa
  • The impact of a “Golden Age for Natural Gas” on the energy landscape
  • Competition with coal and renewables
  • Changes to gas pricing structure and gas prices relative to other fuels
  • Possible opportunities for gas, such as transport
  • Need for action at a national level while awaiting a multilateral climate agreement

The following day, the IEA Governing Board hosted a joint session with EBC members to discuss industry perspectives on the key energy topics as well as to benefit of EBC contribution for the preparation of the IEA Ministerial meeting which will be held in Paris on 18 and 19 October 2011. The EBC will mark the opening session of the IEA Ministerial, gathering together IEA Ministers, partner countries Ministers and CEOs of EBC members.

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