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Interactions with industry

Meetings of the Energy Business Council (EBC) are designed to provide an opportunity for governments and industry to discuss the most important issues of the energy market, as well as share views on long-term policies. One of the most important objectives of the EBC meetings is to provide feedback on IEA activities, with a specific focus on the World Energy Outlook (WEO) analysis.

As a result, this exchange works both ways. On the one hand, insights from EBC meetings provide valuable input to IEA work, and on the other, the WEO constitutes a useful reference and a support for informed decision making in business and industry.

Many opinion leaders, both from governments and industry, acknowledge the importance of the WEO as a fundamental guide on the dynamics of the global energy sector and recognise the EBC process as a forum, instrumental in developing the confidence and dialogue between stakeholders of the energy markets. See the section Opinion Leaders on WEO.

The findings of the WEO are frequently used in industry publications such as financial, annual and sustainability reports and presentations.

The findings of the WEO are frequently used in industry publications such as financial, annual and sustainability reports and presentations. The following companies' reports quote WEO estimates or discuss the results of WEO analysis:

Eni 2011 Annual Report states "In the field of relations with international organisations, of particular significance was the Chief Executive Officer's participation in the IEA Energy Business Council meeting in a mixed session with energy ministers on the subject of cooperation for a better energy future." (page 231).

POSCO Carbon Report 2011 “Toward a Sustainable Society” presents excerpts from President Oh-joon Kwon’s speech at the Energy Business Council meeting held on 18 October 2011.

The Linde Group Annual Report 2011 "Clean Technology Solutions" includes an article by Dr. Fatih Birol titled “The energy of the future”.

Shell Sustainability Report 2011 quotes WEO 2011 and uses the data to illustrate the trends in energy supply and demand.

Fortum Sustainability Report 2011 "Towards Solar Economy" quotes WEO 2011 data.

12th PwC Annual Global Power & Utilities Survey "The shape of power to come. Investment, affordability and security in an energy-hungry world" discusses the results of WEO analysis.

Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment 2011 annual report "The demand supply story. Geschaftsberift 2011 includes guest comments from Dr. Fatih Birol.

Statoil Annual and Sustainability Report 2011 quotes Dr. Fatih Birol on shale gas and WEO estimates.