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The IEA Energy Business Council (EBC) brings together some of the world’s largest companies involved in energy exploration, production and consumption, ranging from oil, natural gas and coal companies to automobile and appliance manufacturers, wind and solar producers and financial institutions. The aim of EBC is to promote dialogue among the IEA, business community and policymakers across a broad range of cross-cutting issues with important implications for the global energy system. It is the overarching body through which the IEA interacts with the energy business community, complemented by a series of topic-specific groups including the Renewables Industry Advisory Board, the Coal Industry Advisory Board, and the Electricity Security Advisory Panel.

EBC was founded and is chaired by Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA.

Meetings of the Energy Business Council (EBC) are designed to provide an opportunity for governments and industry to discuss current and pressing issues in energy markets, as well as share views on medium- and long-term policies. One of the most important objectives of the EBC meetings is to provide feedback on IEA activities, with a specific focus on IEA publications such as Medium-Term Market Reports, the World Energy Outlook (WEO), Global Energy Investment Report (GEIR) and Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP).

As a result, this exchange works both ways. On the one hand, insights from EBC meetings provide valuable input to IEA work, and on the other, IEA analysis constitutes a useful reference, providing support for informed decision-making in business and industry.

Opinion leaders, both from governments and industry, acknowledge the importance of IEA analysis as a fundamental guide on the dynamics of the global energy sector. The EBC process is recognized as an instrumental forum, developing confidence and dialogue among energy market stakeholders. CEOs and Chairpersons of EBC member companies regularly participate in biennial IEA Ministerial meetings.

IEA findings are frequently used in industry publications such as financial, annual and sustainability reports and presentations.

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