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Key World Energy Statistics 2017 2017 Free Natural gas, Oil, Statistics, Coal, Electricity, Emissions, Balances, Non-OECD countries, Energy efficiency, Research, development and demonstration
The Future of Trucks - Implications for Energy and the Environment 2017 Free Clean energy technologies, Climate change, Energy efficiency, Oil, Transport, Heavy-duty vehicle fuel, Road freight, Systemic improvements in logistics and supply chain management
Market-Based Instruments for Energy Efficiency
Policy Choice and Design
2017 Free Energy policy, Electricity, Energy efficiency
World Energy Outlook Special Report 2015: Energy and Climate Change 2015 Report Climate change, Energy policy, Scenarios, Energy efficiency, WEO, COP21
Energy Policies of IEA Countries - The European Union 2014 Review 2014 Country Review (Book) Energy efficiency, Energy market reform, Enery policy, Energy security
Energy Supply Security: The Emergency Response of IEA Countries - 2014 Edition 2014 Free Electricity, Energy security, Natural gas, Oil
The Impact of Global Coal Supply on Worldwide Electricity Prices
Overview and Comparison between Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, China and South Africa
2014 Free Coal, Electricity, Energy security
The Impact of Wind Power on European Natural Gas Markets 2012 Report Wind, Natural gas
IEA Energy Policies Countries Review - The European Union 2008 Review 2008 Country Review (Book) Energy policies
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High-Rise Refurbishment: The Energy-Efficient Upgrade of Multi-Story Residences in the European Union 2006 Country Review (Book) Buildings