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Title Year Type Subject
CHP and District Cooling: An Assessment of Market and Policy Potential in India 2008 Free Heat
Comparative Study on Rural Electrification Policies in Emerging Economies
Keys to successful policies
2010 Free Electricity
Energy Transition for Industry: India and the Global Context 2011 Free Industry
Gas-fired Power Generation in India
Challenges and Opportunities
2006 Free Gas, Non-member countries
India’s Downstream Petroleum Sector
Refined product pricing and refinery investment
2010 Free Oil
Technology Roadmap: Low-Carbon Technology for the Indian Cement Industry 2013 Free Clean energy technologies, Cement
Natural gas in India 2010 Free Natural Gas
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - India 2007 update 2007 Free Energy security
Partner Country Series - Understanding Energy Challenges in India - Policies, Players and Issues 2012 Free Energy Policy, Non-member countries, Electricity
Petroleum Prices, Taxation and Subsidies in India 2009 Free Oil
Petroleum Product Pricing in India
Where Have All the Subsidies Gone?
2006 Free Oil
Technology Development Prospects for the Indian Power Sector 2011 Free Technology
Turning a Liability into an Asset: Landfill Methane Recovery in India
2008 Free Methane
World Energy Outlook 2007 - Fact Sheet - India 2007 Free Non-member countries