Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic holds public stocks and places no separate compulsory stock obligations on industry.

The administration of the State Material Reserves (ASMR) holds reserves to meet Slovakia's minimum stockholding obligations as a member of the European Union. The difference between this obligation based on consumption, and the IEA obligation based on net-imports, is covered by stocks held by industry. There are no stockholding obligations on industry. However, in a declared state of emergency, the government has statutory powers over industry's commercially held stocks.

Based on an agreed upon timetable with the European Commission, Slovakia's EU obligation will be raised annually until it reaches 90 days at the end of 2008. As it builds reserves to meet the EU 90-day obligation, the ASMR stockholding strategy is to move towards maintaining public stocks with a composition of half crude and half refined products.

ASMR stocks of crude oil (Russian export blend quality) are held at the Transpetrol terminals located on the Druzhba pipeline at Sahy and Budkovce. The public reserves of motor fuels (gasoline, gas/diesel and jet kerosene) are held in six different locations: at the three terminals of Kl'acany, Hronsky Benadik and Stozok (which are connected to the Slovnaft product pipeline); at the storage sites of Horny Hricov and Kapusany; and at the refinery Petrochema Dubova. A small volume of residual fuel oil is held by two private companies near Budkovce, in the eastern region of the Slovak Republic.

Public stocks held by private companies under contract with the ASMR are not permitted to be commingled with commercial stocks. They must be kept in separate tanks that are clearly marked as state emergency reserves. The product stocks are refreshed every three to five years by the company holding the stock, based on the contract agreement. The stockholder must keep detailed records. The ASMR has the right to carry out regular inspections of both the records and the storage terminals.

The Slovak Republic has a bilateral stockholding agreement with the Czech Republic.

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