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Implementing Agreements

Ensuring energy security and addressing climate change cost-effectively are key global challenges. Tackling these issues will require efforts from stakeholders worldwide. To find solutions, the public and private sectors must work together, sharing burdens of resources, while at the same time multiplying results and outcomes.

Through its broad range of more than 40 multilateral technology initiatives (also known as Implementing Agreements), the IEA enables member and non-member countries, businesses, industries, international organisations and non-government organisations to share research on breakthrough technologies, to fill existing research gaps, to build pilot plants and to carry out deployment or demonstration programmes. In short their work can comprise any technology-related activity that supports energy security, economic growth, environmental protection and engagement worldwide. A new initiative may be created at any time, provided at least two IEA member countries agree to work on it together.

At the core of a network of senior energy technology experts, these initiatives are also a fundamental building block for facilitating the entry of new and improved energy technologies in the marketplace.   

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Germany participates in the following Implementing Agreements

Advanced Fuel Cells
Advanced Motor Fuels
Advanced Transport Materials
Clean Coal Centre
Emissions Reduction in Combustion
Climate Technology Initiative
District Heating and Cooling
Buildings and Communities
Energy Storage
Energy Technology Data Exchange
Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme
Greenhouse Gas R&D
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Heat Pumping Technologies
High-Temperature Superconductivity
Hydrogen - Reforming Hydrogen Supply
Smart Grids
Solar Heating and Cooling
Concentrating Solar Power