Public or private sector entities participate in 17 Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs)

Entity country Australia
Count of TCP short name Column Labels
Energy Technology Systems Analysis (ETSAP TCP)  
End-use: Buildings  
District Heating and Cooling (DHC TCP)  
Energy Storage (ECES TCP)  
Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP)  
End-use: Electricity  
Demand-Side Management (DSM TCP)   
High-Temperature Superconductivity (HTS TCP)  
Smart Grids (ISGAN TCP)  
End-use: Transport  
Advanced Transport Materials (AMT TCP)  
Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF TCP)  
Clean and Efficient Combustion (Combustion TCP)  
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV TCP)  
Fossil Fuels  
Fluidised Bed Conversion (FBC TCP)  
Renewable Energy and Hydrogen  
Bioenergy (Bioenergy TCP)  
Hydrogen (Hydrogen TCP)  
Hydropower (Hydropower TCP)  
Photovoltaic Power Systems (PVPS TCP)  
Wind Energy Systems (Wind TCP)  

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