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About the Coal Industry Advisory Board

The Coal Industry Advisory Board (CIAB) is a group of high level executives from coal-related industrial enterprises, established by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in July 1979 to provide advice to the IEA on a wide range of issues relating to coal.

Currently, CIAB Members are drawn from 17 countries accounting for over 85% of world coal production. Members also represent major electricity producers, together with other coal consuming industries and coal related organisations. Mr. Gregory H. Boyce, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peabody Energy Co. Inc. is the CIAB Chairman and is supported by an Executive Committee.

Members meet annually and their Associates actively progress the CIAB work programme throughout the year. The CIAB is supporting the IEA in delivering its responses on climate change, clean energy and sustainable development, as well as advising on issues for coal relevant to world energy security.

The CIAB provides a wide range of advice to the IEA, including through its workshop proceedings, publications and papers. In its role as adviser to the IEA, the CIAB provided a statement on "The Role of Coal in the Post 2012 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Agreement", outlining the key elements that it believes governments must include in the new agreement if it is to successfully enable the world’s use of coal to be compatible with greenhouse gas reduction objectives. In 2010, the CIAB also produced a report "Power Generation from Coal: Measuring and Reporting Efficiency Performance and CO2 Emissions" as an aid to assessing information on the energy efficiency of coal-fired power generation. Its latest publications are "The Global Value of Coal", which highlights the past and potential future benefits of global coal use and "21st Century Coal: Advanced Technology and Global Energy Solution"which focusses on the technology path to achieve near-zero emissions.

The CIAB also summarises recent coal policy developments, together with its policy advice to the IEA, in an annual ”International Coal Policy Developments” report.

The proceedings of recent CIAB annual Plenary meeting discussions cover the following topics:

  • "Multilateral Development Bank Financing of Advanced Coal Generation Projects " and "Advanced Coal Generation and CCS Technology Update"
    (Plenary meeting discussion sessions, 2013)
  • "An Inconvenient Reality – the continuing role of coal to 2050 in the energy mix and the need for low emission coal technology", "21st Century Coal: Advance Technology and Global Energy Solution" and "A Way Forward" (Plenary meeting discussion sessions, 2012)
  • "Climate Change Targets and Technology Developments", "Developments in Major Regional Coal Markets" and "Public Policy Developments and Coal Investment"
    (Plenary meeting discussion sessions, 2011)

The CIAB works closely with Carlos Fernández Alvarez at the IEA Secretariat and is supported by an Executive Co-ordinator, Mr. Brian Heath, who can supply further information on the CIAB.


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