World Energy Outlook 2017To be released on 14 November 2017

Edition: 2017

Type: Studies

Table of Contents

ISBN Print: 978-92-64-28205-6 / PDF: 978-92-64-28230-8

Subject: Climate Change ; Oil ; Renewable Energy ; Energy Security ; Investment ;

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The global energy scene is in a state of flux, thrown off balance by falling costs for a range of technologies, led by wind and solar, and shale oil and gas. Understanding the dynamic interplay of energy markets, technologies and policies has never been more critical. The World Energy Outlook (WEO), widely regarded as the gold standard of energy analysis, provides strategic insight on what today’s policy and investment decisions mean for long-term trends.

The 2017 edition of the WEO, to be released on 14 November, will contain a full update of energy demand and supply projections through 2040 under different scenarios, and their consequences for energy security, economic prosperity, efficiency, investment, air quality and climate change. A vital aid to decision-makers, this year’s WEO will also include in-depth analysis of:

- China’s energy outlook. China’s influence has long been felt in coal, oil and gas, as well as in nuclear power, but the country is also now firmly established as a global leader in renewable energy, efficiency and innovation. In cooperation with the newly established IEA-China Liaison Office in Beijing, the WEO will examine China’s economic and energy transitions in detail, and consider how the country’s policy choices can shape not just national prospects, but also global outcomes.

- Natural gas. The outlook for gas markets is evolving rapidly under pressure from two revolutions: the shale revolution, led by the United States, and the LNG revolution that is testing traditional gas business and pricing models. It will also investigate the wider opportunities and uncertainties for gas in the transition to a cleaner energy system, including its role in tackling local pollution as well as the risk of methane emissions.

In addition, the WEO-2017 series will feature two special reports, to be released in October:

- The close links between energy and development, assessing today’s global picture for access to modern energy, the strategies and technologies that can enable countries to achieve energy for all by 2030, and the ways in which reliable energy can move communities to meet Sustainable Development Goals.

- Prospects for energy in Southeast Asia, where infrastructure and investment will have to keep up with rapid, sustained growth in energy demand if the region is to build on its position as one of growth engines in Asia. The report will include coverage of the particular challenge of providing secure, clean and affordable energy to small island systems and remote settlements.

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