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National Action Plan for increasing the number of nearly zero energy building

Applicable Building Type(s)

Existing non-residential, Existing residential, New non-residential, New residential

Policy Requirement Level

Policy Sequence


Incentive Details

Funding Mechanism: subsidies, financial incentives

Total Policy Cost:

There are many loans / bonuses / grants paid from different programs: for example budget of program designed to increase the number of nearly zero energy building is 300 million PLN. Different example is “LEMUR PROGRAM” - Energy Efficient Public Utility Facilities, budget of this program is also 300 million PLN.

Number of Awards: For above example there is a forecast over 12.000 new houses and flats in a high standard of energy. For “LEMUR PROGRAM” there is a forecast of granting about 28.000 loans.

Compliance path

Energy Requirements:




Climate Zones