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Scope and form of construction (2012)

Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 25 April 2012 concerning the detailed scope and form of construction (Journal Laws Pos. 462, as amended)

This regulation among other specifies requirements detailed scope and form of construction.

It orders to attach as part of the construction project, the energy performance of the building.

It also orders to analyse the possibility (if its technically and economically viable) of using high-efficiency alternative systems of energy and heat supply, which include decentralized energy supply systems based on renewable energy, cogeneration, heating or cooling district or block, in specifically, if it is based entirely or partially on energy from renewable sources. This analysis should contain:

  • The annual demand for usable energy for heating, ventilation, domestic hot water and cooling calculated in accordance with the rules on the methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings;
  • The available energy sources;
  • Conditions for connection to external networks;
  • A choice of two power supply systems for benchmarking:

- The conventional system and the system of alternative or

- The conventional system and hybrid system, understood as a combination of conventional and alternative system;

  • Comparative calculations for selected energy supply systems;
  • The results of the comparative analysis and the choice of energy supply system.

Applicable Building Type(s)

New residential, New non-residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy

Implementation Authority: Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy

Enforcement Authority: designer / the appropriate authority building control

Prescriptive Compliance path

Energy Requirements:

End-uses considered:

Water heating, Space heating, Space cooling, Lighting interior

Performance Compliance path

Energy Requirements:



Climate zones