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How solar energy could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century

29 September 2014

To achieve that vision, IEA reports call for clear, credible consistent signals from policy makers

Energy efficiency: a key tool for boosting economic and social development

9 September 2014

New IEA report shows the multiple benefits of energy efficiency and calls on governments to invest more resources to harness them

Policy uncertainty threatens to slow renewable energy momentum

28 August 2014

IEA forecast sees renewable power as a cost-competitive option in an increasing number of cases, but facing growing risks to deployment over the medium term

IEA encourages Luxembourg to push for a smart, sustainable energy and transport system

16 July 2014

IEA review praises Luxembourg for its strong energy efficiency action and provides recommendations for renewed strategy for 2030

Around $80 billion wasted on power for online devices in 2013

2 July 2014

Simple measures can keep problem of inefficient ‘network standby’ from worsening in years ahead, IEA report says

Unconventional oil revolution to spread by 2019

17 June 2014

IEA 5-year oil market outlook also sees global demand growth losing momentum

'Golden Age' of gas coming to China, IEA says in latest five-year outlook

10 June 2014

Near-doubling of Chinese demand for gas by 2019 offsets slowdown in other regions

World needs $48 trillion in investment to meet its energy needs to 2035

3 June 2014

IEA World Energy Outlook special report sees rising role of governments in shaping investment decisions

From words to action on energy efficiency

19 May 2014

IEA shows policy makers, analysts and statisticians how to define, measure and use the most critical data on the ‘hidden fuel’

Taking on the challenges of an increasingly electrified world

12 May 2014

IEA report says business-as-usual approach must be overhauled to cope with global shift to electricity