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IEA reviews energy policies of countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

13 April 2015

Report praises ongoing reforms in some nations but notes that more strategic long-term planning is necessary for successful energy sector development

Indonesia’s economic success hinges on energy-sector investment, realistic goals

17 February 2015

New IEA review of country’s energy policies lauds phase-out of gasoline subsidies as key first reform

A business-as-unusual outlook for oil in the medium term

10 February 2015

IEA report sees a transformed market, with supply more responsive to prices than in the past – and demand less so

United States must grasp opportunity to build sustainable energy system

18 December 2014

IEA review credits US energy successes but sees need for significant investment in electricity sector

Global coal demand to reach 9 billion tonnes per year by 2019

15 December 2014

IEA report says despite decarbonisation push, China will not see 'peak coal' during outlook period

How the EU can progress towards an "Energy Union"

1 December 2014

IEA review praises bloc's low-carbon leadership but notes that deeper market integration is essential to manage costs of clean-energy shift

Five key actions to achieve a low-carbon energy sector

20 November 2014

IEA delivers options for climate negotiations at COP 20 in Lima

Signs of stress must not be ignored, IEA warns in its new World Energy Outlook

12 November 2014

Energy sector must tackle longer-term pressure points before they reach breaking point

To get most from transforming LNG markets, Asian governments must embrace reforms

6 November 2014

Limited flexibility, pricing issues are main challenges to overcome, new IEA report finds



Record 27 countries represented at ninth IEA Energy Statistics Course

2 March 2015

33 participants start intensive week of instruction in Agency methods to build databases crucial to good policy

New Head of IEA Energy Data Centre is former Chief Statistician at UK DECC

1 March 2015

Duncan Millard’s extensive international experience includes work with IEA and Eurostat data groups



Barents Sea Conference

21 April 2015 Hammerfest, Norway