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Energy Business Council

The IEA’s Energy Business Council (EBC) is the overarching body through which the Agency interacts with the energy business community. It brings together some of the world’s largest companies involved in energy exploration, production and consumption, ranging from oil, natural gas and coal companies to automobile and appliance manufacturers, wind and solar producers and financial institutions. The EBC is overseen by the IEA’s Chief Economist, Dr. Fatih Birol, who is also responsible for the flagship World Energy Outlook publication. For more information on the EBC, please e-mail Alessandro Blasi.

Oil Market Report

The Oil Market Report (OMR), a monthly IEA publication which provides a view of the state of the international oil market and projections for oil supply and demand 12-18 months ahead.



Standing Groups and Committees

In addition to the Governing Board, the IEA has several ‘Standing Committees’ (also known as ‘Standing Groups’), made up of member country government officials, which meet several times a year.




Scenarios and Projections

The IEA has developed different scenarios which highlight different outcomes, depending on what steps are taken in the coming years.




Technology Roadmaps and Jobs

The IEA is developing a series of global low-carbon energy technology roadmaps covering the most important technologies. These roadmaps identify priority actions for governments, industry, financial partners and civil society that will advance technology development and uptake to achieve international climate change goals.
Each roadmap represents international consensus on milestones for technology development, legal/regulatory needs, investment requirements, public engagement/outreach and international collaboration.


The Agency has a staff of 260 enthusiastic professionals (energy analysts, modellers, data managers/statisticians, technicians, secretaries and support staff) working together on global energy challenges with the objective of building secure and sustainable energy supplies and markets as platform for promoting economic development, protecting the environment and eliminating energy poverty for the benefit of people world wide.