standing-groupds-and-committees Working Party on Fossil Fuels (WPFF)

The Working Party on Fossil Fuels (WPFF) provides advice to the IEA on:

  • fossil fuel technology-related policies, trends, projects, programmes;
  • strategies which address priority environmental protection and energy security interests, including adequate, flexible, and reliable supply of power and electrical service of Member countries; and
  • carries out activities to meet those needs through international co-operation and collaboration facilitated by the IEA

The functions of the WPFF are:

  • identification of the fossil fuel technology-related priority interests, including electric power production technologies, common to IEA Member countries, including their integration with non-fossil fuel technologies;
  • promotion of collaborative RD&D and technology deployment as well as electric power production by arranging studies and technology information exchange on topics of common interest, conferences, workshops, and other activities;
  • technology co-operation with non-Member countries;
  • initiation, evaluation, and review on a periodic basis of Implementing Agreements and other international collaborative activities;
  • co-ordination with other sectoral bodies of the IEA which conduct fossil fuel-related studies, information exchanges and meetings relevant to the goals of the WPFF;
  • review and evaluation of, and participation in, fossil fuel-related activities conducted by IEA bodies.

The WPFF Mandate and Strategic Plan 2010-2012 list current objectives and activities to fulfill its mission.