standing-groupds-and-committees Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies (REWP)

The Renewable Energy Working Party is the focus for the IEA's extensive international network for RD&D innovation and deployment in the area of renewable energy technologies. The network comprises ten "Implementing Agreements" on individual technologies, with over 140 contracting parties from 23 IEA Member countries world-wide. Under their leadership, national experts and industry stakeholders collaborate on thousands of joint research projects every year.

The Renewable Energy Working Party was created in 1982 as a body of the IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT). Its role is to advise the CERT and other IEA bodies on renewable energy sources and technologies, related policies, trends, projects, programmes and strategies which address the energy security, diversity and environmental interests of Member countries.

Full REWP Strategic Plan and Mandate 2013-2015.