standing-groupds-and-committees Working Party on End-Use Technologies (EUWP)

The End Use Working Party is the focus for the IEA's extensive international network for RD&D of technologies to increase the efficiency of energy end use. The network comprises 15 "Implementing Agreements" on individual technologies, for cooperative research, development and demonstration in buildings, industry, transport and electricity network technologies. The network has more than 150 contracting parties from more than 30 countries world wide to guide the work. Under their leadership national experts collaborate on joint research projects. Outreach to industry and other experts involve thousands in research activities.

The End Use Working Party has served since 1982, as the principal advisory body to the IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology on all matters relating to energy end-use technologies and technology policies. The EUWP serves as a reference body for end-use technology issues within the IEA and represents the IEA to outside parties on these issues. It oversees, supports and adds value to the RD&D efforts of the implementing agreements, and policy experts from member countries share experience in energy end-use technology and innovation (research, development, demonstration, and technology development).

The EUWP Mandate and Strategic Plan 2013-2015 lists current objectives and activities to fulfill its mission.